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food, fuel, fiber, medicine.
healthiest food, strongest fiber, cleanest air, safest medicine. cannabis

"king of panacea", "the plant with 1000 uses", "christ", "sativa (useful plant)", just some of what cannabis is known as, over the (at least) tens of thousands of years we have been in co-evolution with this plant.

convergent interests of industries of opiates, timber, oil, steel, concrete, whaling, meat, alcohol, and prohibition itself, sought to eliminate mankind's best friend, cannabis, to protect their wealth extraction maximisation. a disempowering racket that needs undone.
as per disclosure and availing of other emancipation technologies, especially spaceships (and the energy innovations that make them viable), restoration of cannabis radically alters our economy, empowering everybody, ending this lost century.

restore cannabis!

"All I know is I know nothing. And sometimes I forget even that much." - Digit