advocacy quips about

"All I know is I know nothing. And sometimes I forget even that much." - Digit

"If ignorance is bliss, give me agony." - Digit

"The ignorance that dies is not you." - Digit

"Time flies when you're not in pain or prison." - unknown.

"In a sea of misinformation, everybody's a shill" - Digit

""Random" is an expression of our inability to comprehend or convey the pattern." - Digit

"Educate yourself so you may educate others" - Unknown

"We are psychenauts and we are not afraid" - Unknown / Digit?

"Take care not to cut yourself on occam's razor" - Digit

"Nihilism's like salt. Everybody's philosophy needs a little . Emphasis on a little." - Digit

"What is wisdom without freedom? What is freedom without wisdom?" - Digit

"Paradoxes resolve at higher topologies.
At the highest topology, all paradoxes resolve." - Digit

"Time flies when you're not in pain or prison." - Unknown / cannabis activists.

"There's no democracy nor science, under censorship." - Digit

"We don't build paradise with bricks of atrocity." - Digit

"Like pens make poor binoculars, belief makes a poor means to determine reality." - Digit

"No rest on a bed of blood." - Digit

"Boost the health, not attack the illness." - Digit

"We can all be polymaths in the making, not slaves in training." - Digit

"There's no shame in the truth" - Minbari Master.

"And as amazing as cannabs can seem, remember it's no magic pixie dust that solves all things by itself. You still need to keep doing all the other things for health too. " - Digit

"The map is not the terrain" - iunno... archaic? voltaire? socrates? siddartha guatama? the mushroom? iunno..

"Are you agent terrorising me to hire goons from the legal bar society to protect me from your slander and misrepresentation of what I am saying?" - Digit

"Mend all things." - Digit

"I can see you've a good heart in that,
but, please don't muddy your ends with such means." - Digit

"No! Don't think for yourself. Do your own thinking, for each and all." - Digit

"There's always a better way." - Digit (often contextually implied "...than violence.")

"Mendwards! :D" - Digit

"Solution space is upstream." - Digit

"Solution space is elsewhere." - Digit

"Charm is like lube for evil" - Roisin Conaty

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain an idea without accepting nor rejecting it." - Digit's preferred version of this sentiment often (mis(?))attributed to aristotle, voltaire, and others.

"''For profit healthcare/medicine'' is oxymoronic, as highlighted by ''a patient cured is a customer lost.''" - Digit

"" - Digit

"" - Digit