advocacy quips about

"All I know is I know nothing. And sometimes I forget even that much." - Digit

"If ignorance is bliss, give me agony." - Digit

"The ignorance that dies is not you." - Digit

"Time flies when you're not in pain or prison." - unknown.

"In a sea of misinformation, everybody's a shill" - Digit

""Random" is an expression of our inability to comprehend or convey the pattern." - Digit

"Educate yourself so you may educate others" - Unknown

"We are psychenauts and we are not afraid" - Unknown / Digit?

"Take care not to cut yourself on occam's razor" - Digit

"Nihilism's like salt. Everybody's philosophy needs a little. Emphasis on a little." - Digit

"What is wisdom without freedom? What is freedom without wisdom?" - Digit

"Paradoxes resolve at higher topologies.
At the highest level, all paradoxes resolve."
- Digit

"Time flies when you're not in pain or prison." - Unknown / cannabis activists.

"There's no democracy nor science, under censorship." - Digit

"We don't build paradise with bricks of atrocity." - Digit

"Like pens make poor binoculars, belief makes a poor means to determine reality." - Digit

"No rest on a bed of blood." - Digit

"Boost the health, not attack the illness." - Digit

"We can all be polymaths in the making, not slaves in training." - Digit

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"" - Digit

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