dont expect this to be up to date... or complete... or in the right order.


these are a few of my much valued things

feature movies

in some close aproximate top ten order (+others i have rated five star in another file):

the gambler
the shawshank redemption
waking life
the abyss
good will hunting
the prestige
2001: A Space Odyssey
the man from earth

one flew over the cuckoos nest
bladerunner - idfk which version.
a clockwork orange
trading places
princess mononoke
star trek the motion picture
the fifth element
american beauty

novel books

srsly, i warn you, i am /not/ a prolific novel reader. ... though probably more prolific than this list suggests at least. XD just so few stand out to be worthy of inclusion here.

1984, by George Orwell
The Celestine Prophecy, By James Redfeild.

unfinished novel books

it's important i include this as well as the other books sections... perhaps even more significant books show up here...
these are not just books i didnt get around to finishing (there are loads of those), these are books i couldnt finish, because it was too intense.

Sophie's Choice, by William Styron. didnt get past first page.
The City and the Stars, by Arthur C. Clarke. managed first page, but could take no more.


johan strauss,
richard strauss,
j.s.bach (used to think it just boring, now bach keeps climbing my lists),
pachabell (really? just for the one piece? ... but it is a very nice piece. like i need say which),

electronic musicians/groups

well, i confess, i've not put much effort into diversifying or paying attention to new artists since about the turn of the millenium. ... so, i am aware there are suuuuperb electronic musicians through the 00s and 10s, i've just not payed enough attention.

soffmi muhod,
boards of canada,
venetian snares



these are not your full gui iso respins (though some may have gui iso). see next list for those.
these are your proper geeky from-source-to-this distros (not necessarily source-based, though that helps).
guix sd


these are typically built upon the meta-distros (or from other respins), n generally dont do much of the heavy lifting, but do make nice on the configuration n ootb appeal.

i should also point out that i dont spend much time at all anymore on surfing respins, so my knowledge is out of date... no new respins expected here.

Sabayon 3.4f. ootb never got better than this.
Crunchbang. this one made big waves when it existed. there are still dozens of crunchbang-alike distros in its wake.
slitaz. is its own meta distro too, with own package manager etc, but just so dinky, and with such ootb appeal, i couldnt put it in the other list.
kwort. this one is special. it's current, still thriving (expecting a new one sometime since crux (which kwort is based on) just released a new version). a little bit crunchbangish, but even more minimal. no systemd. :)


these dont fit the other two distro lists, but deserve mention somewhere.

witch. (if u dont know why, you're new).
bedrock linux. couldnt really put this in the meta-distro section, even though it's perhaps even more meta that the "meta"-distros.
suicide linux. eeeehehehehe. delightful idea.
deli(cate). the old desktop-light linux, as was, before forking off to be an arch, then a slackware respin n renaming to connochaetos. got old hardware? deli(cate) for u.
stali. sucks less. from suckless. will make u suck less. will make your machine suck less.