"I'd hate if anyone reduced my thoughts to soundbites, and called them digitisms." - Digit

"the day when one man can manufacture, at home, two pieces of technology:
1) the energy production device,
2) a copy of his decentralised manufacturing kit,
is the first day of the week that we are all free." - Digit

"the thing about covert tyranny though is... once the people who've kept repeating "we are free" finally realise they're not, they revolt with more abrupt gusto than the long, laboured and staggered attempts at revolution that occur in overtly tyranical state run nations." - Digit

"installing slackware should be on the curriculum. twice. merit pass if taking the long route." - Digit

"i lub gnu" - Digit

"if ignorance is bliss, give me agony" - Digit

"we are psychenauts, and we are not affraid" - Digit

"i started my own religion, got ordained by the non-denominational universal life church, and the only doctrine i espouse from it, in various guises, is that if you claim to be a follower, you're not, because this religion wont be used to create followers to be cajouled and corrupted by those who follow. do you follow?" - Digit

"dont do your thinking for yourself. do your thinking for each and all." - Digit

after explaing his stance on belief, and proclaiming in shorthand summation "i do not use belief as a mental tool", Digit was asked in disbelief, "do you really believe that?!", to which he responded with a smile: "no."

"there's no such thing as random. true random cannot exist. try a thought experiment, think of true random, without any pattern or causality. nu-uh, not here, no how, not in this cosmos." - Digit

"there's no such thing as a closed system" - Digit

"there's no such thing as a baseline control group" - Digit

"i think of the "free" in "free energy" the same way as the "free" in "Free Software" or "free speech". it's freedom!" - Digit

"zero obliged outgoings" - Digit

"my notion of perfecting ones own philosophy, is to test out and remix all other philosophies with an eye on how well each philosophy interacts with all other philosophies" - Digit

"umachawowuma" - Digit

"please dont mistake my failure to live up to the ideals i reach for in espoused affirmations as hypocricy" - Digit

"i'm egalitarian to the core." - Digit

"people say i'm "out there", and it still took me 5 years to come to terms with it, so i cant get too uppity at you for your disbelief." - Digit (regarding the clandestine global spraying program, often referred to as "chemtrails" and "geoengineering")

"a friend once summed up my entire ethos of being as "question everything", which upon hearing, i began to question" - Digit

"are you asking the right questions?" - Digit

"the chemtrail thing is unique in grand clandestine perpetrations, in that the party line is admitting it's being done just with some spin on it, "we're just geo-engineering", because it seems they thought it would have been too implausible to deny it outright, but... and this is the crazy bit... people actually have created their own denial that they repeat "it's just contrails"." - Digit

"lets play chemtrail/contrail! which is that one?" - Digit (upon seeing, in company, a trail following a passing flying aircraft)

"of freud, jung, and reich, i find more validity and practicality ~and practical verifiability~ in reich's work. the one you dont hear so much about. funny that." - Digit

"to claim you have an open mind, is a closed minded statement." - Digit

"the moment you self identify as a skeptic, you solidified the certainty that you are not." - Digit

"i've seen loads of U.F.O.s. infact, it's rare that i see something in the sky that i can identify with any specificity." - Digit

"i've met god 17,000,000,000 times, and god was different every time." - Digit

"honesty is always the best policy, it's just sometimes hard to see that. ... especially in this economy." - Digit

"if you could show more people where they are on the two dimensional political compass, and where the politicians are, maybe more of us would stop voting for "the lesser of two evils", whom are both next to each other, at the other end off both axis from where most people's political persuasions lay." - Digit

"everyone's saying the same thing, just differently." - Digit

"there's this kettle in the middle of a room, someone on either side, the one at the handle says "there's a protrusion from this round thing", the other sees a protrusion from the round thing, and agrees, "yes, and there's a hole in the protrusion", the other sees the hole in the protrusion and feels it's confirmed they're talking about the same thing, and adds "yes, and i can see into the inside of the round thing through the hole" towit the other objects, and proclaims "you cant see inside it through the hole, looking in the hole only lets you see into this room", the other argues "that's absurd, i can clearly see into the object", this argue continues on and on back and forth. then a third guy comes in and walks around, and explains to them both: "it's a kettle.". moral of the story, keep moving around, get different perspectives." - Digit, with a thing he made up, that was later likened to that six blind men and an elephant thing.

"the old literary metaphor of a zombie seems lost on the movie generation who talk of what they'd do to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, not realising there are zombies all around, they probably are one, and apocalypse, as in a revealing and ending through the revelation, is just what they need to stop being zombies." -Digit

"emancipation technologies" - Digit

"everybody owes everybody everything" - Digit (as a response to a proclamation that nobody owes anybody anything)

"i am a cosmic sovereign" - Digit

"when i was six years old, for the whole year, i felt like i had been six before." - Digit

"i wasnt always a pasifist. i had to work at it." - Digit

"i am an artist since birth." - Digit

"i am an artist since birth, and maybe since before that too." - Digit

"money is absurd. the guff that we need money to live is absurd. this absurd notion gets spread around like money is the norm. look around the cosmos. we who use money are in the minority." - Digit

"crystal fractal hologram" - Digit, depicting the cosmos, often using any order of the three words.

"just get that concept in your head, time slows down the closer you get to the speed of light, and at the speed of light, it ceases, like it's all the one moment. everywhere, all light around you, every photon of it... one moment." - Digit

"super position now" - Digit

"quantum mechanics, and all those crazy effects, they dont stop on the inside of your cranium. if it's true of the cosmos, it's true for in your physical being too. you're in contact with it all, right now, and always have been, and always will be. scientifically grounded oneness." - Digit

"if you call yourself a realist, you're probably what philosophers call a "naive realist". i'll just call you arrogant... it's likely less insulting, and more likely to get you to open your mind." - Digit

"i just like provoking thought, getting people to think." - Digit

"i'm only just smart enough to know i'm not smart enough." - Digit

"my iq puts me just outside the top 10%... that's terrifying... to think we're that stupid." - Digit (since updated with testing to see is in top 7-8%)

"we have more solutions, more remedies, than we'll ever need. as dire as the situation looks, we have remedy." - Digit

"prohibiting man's best friend for a couple of generations was in interesting challenge, one which we rose to with excellence. but that's enough, we've proven we can do it, and we've shown the horrendous consequences. it's time to put using cannabis hemp back at the top of the agenda." - Digit

"dogs are not man's best friend. cannabis is. cannabis never bit anyone's face off." - Digit

"300 liberty caps is what i'd say for a bottom level trip dose. anything less and you're stuck in that jarring half-way place, where the "bad trips" come." - Digit

"try 40 grams of dried, powdered psilocybe semilanceata... maybe you'll get what i got from it, a revelation of the infinite maleability of consciousness, and what's outside the universe... serenity." - Digit

"everyone should try ecstacy once. once is all you need. then you can spend the next ten years meditating and learning to have that loving liberated state as a constant state of being with no come-down." - Digit

"you dont do datura. datura does you!" - Digit, advising not to do datura, ever. dont even be in close proximity to it.

"i get stuck on the 6th dimension more often than any other. 14th is another." - Digit

"excuse me while i phase" - Digit

"i love talking to the 900 year old me. he's as full of life as the 4 year old me." - Digit

"I'm scottish, i dont have a first language. the english stole it."- Digit's lame satirical joke about both brittish history between the english attempt to rule scotland and scottish people's accent and use of the english language. ~ often used as a light hearted excuse for some poor grammar or spelling.

"blessed are the herb makers." - Digit

"bongs are best." - Digit

"here's the secret, cannabis is already and always has been fully lawful." - Digit

"for all the hundred thousand uses of cannabis, smoking it, is the least useful, which is really saying something, given how immensely useful that is." - Digit, in trying to highlight and remind people of how massively useful a plant cannabis is.

"it's not ethics, it's logic." - Digit, in response to an outburst of "oh gawd, you're so ethical"

"i do not reccognise such a thing as "evil". generally, what other's call "evil" is usually just stupidity, or lacking enough information to make a better informed decision." - Digit

"it's not woo-woo, a psychopath could get behind this." - Digit, defending some of his ideals as pragmatic

"i'm not part of the 99%, i'm part of the 100%. if you want to find remedy here, you'll only make it more difficult for yourself if you try some hostile separationist stance against those who've hoarded nearly all the power and financial/material wealth. i am for the solutions that make them better off as a result too." - Digit

"space ships for everyone!" - Digit

"tricorders for everyone!" - Digit

"nikola tesla can power the world for free. just hook a dynamo up to his grave." - Digit's joke about how much nikola tesla would be spinning in his grave given how the world is, and is powered these days.

"everybody's a shill" - Digit

"in a sea of misinformation, everybody's a shill" - Digit

"i love falling into infinite regresses that build, for they are fractals." - Digit

"truth in paradox" - Digit

"life, contemplate the star" - Digit

"just the right amount of eccentric" - Digit

"some of us cant fight for ourselves, so we are at the mercy of all else… and it can be pretty scary when all else has at least the appearance of leaning further to some perverse maliscious sadistic trauma orgy at [y]our expense, while good men sit doing nothing." - Digit

"it is REALLY MASSIVELY encouraging to know that there’s sense, and decency, and honour alive and well out there too. THANKYOU good people! Thankyou for not letting us fall to desperation and criminality, starvation and death, and all the rest of that social rotting. Thankyou for building things better, in whatever ways you can… sometimes, even if all it is, is pointing out how egregeously offensive, despiccable and down-right expensively counter-productive something is for picking on the weakest, helping bring an end to it." - Digit

"learning is not linear, it goes in more directions than omni." - Digit

"trans-omni pedagogy awareness" - Digit

"everyone has something to learn, and something to teach, to each and all." - Digit

"everyone's student and teacher." - Digit

"listen to the nutters" - Digit

"listen and learn from all, neither believe nor disbelieve." - Digit

"entertain the idea" - Digit

"virtualise. as if real. like beleif as a tool, not an identification." - Digit

"they're only nutters because they're two steps on, instead of just one." - Digit

"prudent perturbances preferable to mine-mine-mine manipulations." - Digit

"maybe they dont know the concept of synergy" - Digit, said when witnessing depressing short-sighted greed

"no need for slave population anymore, ever since tesla and sitchlin, and schauberger, and reich." - Digit

"gold, oil n drugs, big brother pretending to be god, knowing full well there's creepy big uncle in this family too." - Digit

"i had just wanted to provoke thought, but when i did, i realised i wanted to get rid of whatever was inhibiting thought." - Digit

"logic, my first ally." - Digit

"de-tox the world." - Digit

"for goodness sake! think of the neurons!!" - Digit

"I can put my imagination cogs on it." - Digit

"[I am] not a guru" - Digit, often, after being labelled as such, both serious and jest, after proposing or advocating something, as Digit so often does, because he wants to engage people with something of substance, some thoughts or ideas or principles or perceptions or whatever, just something... you call him a guru, he'll wonder if you are switched on.

"calling me a guru shows a fundamental lack of understanding of how the cosmos works. ~and it just offends my egalitarian sensibilities." - Digit

"there's no reason all this cant be cleaned up and fixed in just a couple years" - Digit

"isness" - Digit

"no one can speak for is. we can only speak for seems." - Digit

"everyone is saying the same thing, just differently." - Digit

"most folks seem to work to eat. i'd rather eat to work, so that i cannot be coerced by fear of starvation into work i disagree with." - Digit

"imagine if we had a social bedrock where folks didnt work because of ecconomic coersion, but instead because the work was worth doing... " - Digit

"is it religion you rally against? or the thought homogenising tyrany?" - Digit

"solidarity, sibling. the world will be free again. we will be allowed the herb, by necessity later, if not by good sense sooner." - Digit (3 quotes in one)

"tricorders for everyone! 3d printers for everyone! spaceships for everyone!" - Digit

"ideas are like rain. you cant catch them all." - Digit

"... though i hear it's not like that for everyone. for some ideas come from a pipette." - Digit, adding to prior quip.

"I care not for fame or fortune, only for creation, continuance and change." - Digit

"It's not about the man. It's about the idea. It's always about the idea." - Digit

"methinks many are more keen on the immediate hedonism, "ooh look, i made it spin n change colour", rather than the deeper longer lasting enrichment of "ooh, so that's how that works", which usually takes more effort n patience." - Digit

"... and curiosity. ... which gets switched off... you see how?" - Digit (his own response some other day to the above quote).

"more power than wisdom, the path of stretching it too far." - Digit

"stretch it too far, n it'll snap back eventually. that's karma | karmic elastic." - Digit, a depiction worded several ways.

"there's a spiritual sublimation where you just transcend all the bullshit." - Digit, originally said after a transcendent epiphany regarding aesthetics, sexuality, cultural conflations thereof.

"synergy valence" - Digit

"when a gang of thugs break into your home, tie you up, steal your medicine, who would you call? the cops, right? who do you call when the gang of thugs /are/ the cops?" - Digit, regarding the ongoing injustice causing ptsd for many.

"cops have taken more from me in my life than burgalars did. also, through my life, cops have kidnapped me n held me hostage more than kidnappers did too." - Digit, said for first time just after seeing https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2015/11/23/cops-took-more-stuff-from-people-than-burglars-did-last-year/