ye know what...

them radiohead chaps...

they're quite competent in their creative musical endeavors.

he says understatedly.


revisiting them after (it seems) having not listened to them for years.

i remember now.

kid a.




heh. that's probably some subconscious cue that lead me to put them on, this being the day i woke up a bit amnesiac.

time to be well, in lush audio waves.

thanks radiohead.

i might actually buy some of yer stuff some day.

tho i am likely to just go straight back to listening to almost exclusively soffmi muhod.

i know. it's such a deviation.

but, i suspect, radiohead (with kid a (and amnesiac)), like soffmi muhod, were born of inspiration from boards of canada's music has the right to children.

ok... that's what i'm putting on next. it might help cue more reconnected memories. :)

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not random

did i mention

it is not random.

not random.


random, in other words, mearly being an expression of our inability to either comprehend or convey the pattern.

like belief, and disbelief.

conflations of leaping to certainties prematurely.

closes off to more data. more learning.

more info for the map.

and you do map.

and it is not random.

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