oh, i've been sat here ranting in frustration to myself about it... might as well put it somewhere more than just me n those with acess to the ackashic records n the numerous spy-agencies's records have acces to it. lol.

i was thinking of that poor bugger on that bbc(3?) propaganda documentary presented by some young face-for-television party-line zombie robot happy-n-chipper moron (doubtless never spent a day of their life trying to avoid any of the neurotoxins in our environment or the food supply ~ y'know... one of those people... not yet switched on. auto(edit:REMOTE(!!))-pilot drones batted around, unwittingly doing the bidding of others including harming themselves and their loved ones and everyone else.) [[sry, that was a rather brutal one]] who espoused (i'm talking about the poor fella again now, not the presenter in the character assasination) the notion that he hated cannabis for ruining his life.

he seemed to suffer anxiety issues, much like my own. my understanding of it seemed deeper than his, but i fully accept that we only see the smallest sliver in tv... n maybe his insights were much more vast, but just never got a whiff of airtime... a utterly plausible scenario given the nature of much of the lopsided presenting on the topic [[[you guys know we get propaganda right? gov injects it's lies into our media to warp our minds, n control us.... that happens still, y'know, right? ever heard anyone say the nazi's won? it might not be totalitarianism, n it might be n the lie is that good. "keep repeating, we are free" ~_~ so, i hope we can all agree on that, so i need not try to dance that delicate dance of "dont-offend-the-propagandised-mind" pretending it's not just to you dont have one of those "mind"* programs that issue that silly state of closed mindedness n even combativeness. (lol, ""friend of foe"... wat!? only two designations!?)... *ahem* so yeah, hope you're following all my tangents... i'm getting back to it....), so, no beating about the bush to spare the sensibilities of the unwittingly (nor the willfully) ignorant... it propaganda.]] and it /was/ lopsided. ~ look, i'm just a bit *&uninteligeable&* about neuroplasticity. "worried about ya, bruv". ~ ... so the guy was blaming the herb for his anx, n it ruining his life... ok... lemme have a go at it.

in a system where we dont get to have variety sufficient to taylor WHIIIIIIICH strains of the herb, with which ratios of the cannabinoids, and other actives... well of course we're gonna be consuming the wrong cannabinoids for us. also... hey dewd, had u ever considered that maybe, those are valid anxieities~ well, some of them... more likely most of them /ARE/ from chemical imbalances in your brain... but dont let the system that has already and is continuing to mess you up, mess you up further by inducing THEIR "balance" to /YOUR/ chemical-being/body. hey buddy, you got a lot of neurons there still, start saving them, save them all... avoid those nasties that are hauntingly eating away at you... creeping you out, if only you knew from where this insideous threat was coming from... oh look... we're being poisoned with things that strip away our brain matter, leaving only the most conditioned-by-repition conditioned-by-repition conditioned-by-repitions neurons behind, meaning they who saturate the airwaves control the reality.... it gets worse as we get older... hey there young radicals.... start protecting everyone's neurons.

ahem... so, a lot of the more linear (and thus well conditioned) thinking types will consider that waffle, they likely wont hear it ~ at least not as well as more "right brained" (lol) types. ~ :P i know, i know, it's not 1/0. :P so i suppose i should at least try give them (i mean the those further in the extreme of linear/left thinking ((~the extreme right-hemisphere dominant will be off painting or dancing(lol, not rly... any half brain can be succeptable(sodontletthemtakeyourbrain)~))) a little something to go on, a nugget to springboard their curiosity (yes! they still have curiosity! how dare you suggest they dont by this outburst!!!) from**.)

take a look at the cannabinoids, and what we know about them so far. all the nuances, their interactions. it seems all agree we need to study it more. ... not just "keep studying", but "study MORE". so, *ahem* either side of the argument, it seems prudent to take the brakes off research, because the "brakes" supposedly put on widespread access to it through "prohibition", merely makes a new criminal market full of new harms, far more severe than the herb's harms which far harder to find. (cept for the propagandised, it seems (oh how i weap for humanity)).

now u might be asking... "so where's the stuff for me? i am a very ordered linear thinking individual who has been promised something, just two paragraphs ago... where is it already? there's just more waffle!". and yeah buddy, that's for you... i helped get your brain prepped looking for something, n gave you what i thought you might need more than data. "but what was it you gave then? waffle?" not tellin. haha.

~ i'd write more... but medical ailments... ~

you might be asking... what just happened to me. maybe just a dash of something like............. pseudo-non-non-reverse-non-de-un-anti-programing

* in the digital sense... that derpy black n white thinking... y'know, like a computer. programed. ones and zeros. ** even that expression wuda been too much for em.*** *** i'm a jester, if u hadnt noticed. ... thought i shoulda pointa data outta ora elsa youa mighta bea mada thinkinga ita alla toa bea takena onea hundreda percenta celeryious****. **** there's no way to follow up after celeryious.

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