what a day

so... i wake up, setting off for zlotrimi.

didnt realise it was gonna be DAY. DAAAAY.


serious. DAY with a capital DAY!

been spouting about it on many an irc chan ... indeed for an irc inhabitant such as myself (i know, unhealthy, right?), where else would it happen... but thought i'd need to pin a lil marker somewhere for this one.

ok, so... zlotrimi...

i hadnt' even got there before the bombshell went off... oh wait, that's right, let me back up a bit...

there was a report of a fireworks factory warehouse exploding ... or something like that, just last night (and again today for those who missed the spectical).

that is what has just happened to me too though.

ok, so, last night i hatch my plan for today, to head out to zlotrimi, an old fave far out outpost... i mean, not stupid far far out... but far enough to reasonably be called one of the farthest out places of big population, one of the places marking the edge of the populated area.

beautiful place. one side, civilisation. the other, the frontier... well.. not quite... still quite the gradient of lesser populated settlements tapering off for quite a ways... but i suppose that's still quite frontierish.

so.... i'm chatting away in irc as i make my way there, pleased i have the juicy equip irl getting me there, having spent upward of a grand so far just getting the machine up to spec to deal with doze and e:d and its steeeupid dependancy that meant my awesome (but old) graphics card couldnt do the business. :/ so anyway...

making my way there, when i am informed planetary landings are not expected soon.


y'know, crazy shit started happening way before that today... just that was the big one for me.

that's a plan changer.

a plan changer, landed upon the freshly enacted highly controversial and expensive prior plan, that effectively puts the monstrous expense on hold!

yeah... waiting likely until next year for planetary landings (and having to pay more once it comes) is too long for me.

i was under the impression that the "release" meant these features were to follow in swift succession.

i have seen too much too soon! i made the decision ages back, when faced with the fork in the road to either engage with the development n make sure its done right but then dispell the magic by having peeked under the curtain, or to avoid knowing anything as much as possible until jumping into the full featured e:d world... i chose the latter.

i had caught glimpses of it of course on friend's machines and they all thought i was mad for not playing... with or without overlooking that it involves installing a operating system platform that i find abhorrent and rendering a much loved n highly poweful n customised machine a joke, infact not only that, but i had to spend a fortune getting it up to spec too, lol. (holy shit windoze is such a painful joke! people just dont know! born to captivity!)... mad for not playing... no way... elite is and always has been my #1 fave game(series) ever since first playing frontier, first encounters, the third in the series... the one just prior to this... all of about 19 years ago now is it? .... that's a big thing... i mean... not only was it number one for me... it effectively nullified gaming for me. sure i got hooked on diablo2 for a while, and have had spats of fun on various games here n there, oft more out of some nightmare pavlovian puppetry than a genuine joy, admiration and appreciation for the game and playing it... but it basically signalled the end of me being "a gamer", as in, someone who plays games, likely extensively. because i didnt want to play games. i wanted to play elite. why would i need others?

so on the way to zlotrimi, i find out no planets, long time. bam. not gonna play ... was the slow blade's resonant squeal as it slowly pierced sideways through my brain and mind.

i wish i could tell you what the other things were that already had this day on high... but that one put a lot of ... erm... what's that thing called again, when you've been flashbanged and cant hear... it was like that.


main workstation back to my nixen... er... after MUCH fafing around with cables. looked like it wasnt gonna go for a while, since i had had to change cables around to put doze in it (bought a new hd for doze, didnt i, silly me).

alas, my 4tb external's rather under the weather... to put it mildly. ... in the opperating theartre right now. we're hoping she can pull through. she has her whole life ahead of her, and one botched fsck with the wrong setting a while back when the problems started only made matters worse for the poor dear. ... so that's my cinema drive that had been merged with some backups, and some other stuff, and some other stuff and some more stuff, more than 99% of which i cant remember wtf it was, even ball park, though no doubt important. ... there's guts flying everywhere out the opperating theatre door, so... who knows, we shall see.

erm... what else was there...

oh, spose my inability to get my lil 240ssd to reinitialise is a little concerning too. (see, it's not just one firework that went off... there was a loud boom, yes, n that kinda overshadowed the rest a bit, but there's loadsa rockets flying everywhere from that main boom... see how close fit it is for the news event of fireworks factory warehouse explosion? hehe, well, not that close... there appears to be mutliple sources of booms here... but i wont let that get in the way of me bringing it up again, lol).

there was more stuff since, too... straining to recall at the moment, still in shock from this radical change of plans for the year... i thought i was on holiday in elite:dangerous for months there... now in the space of about a minute, i learned, and in the space of an hour i enacted, the cestation of elite activities until .... planetary landings... whenever that is, however many hundreds of days that is to go.

bright side is of course, yay! linux back on my computer! no windoze! yay!

sad i have two not-rly-working bedrocks though... lol... just realised. wanna be running bedrock on both main machines... but have fallen back to vsido on both. ^_^ okies, sry, this not my nix blog.

oh, er, yeah, my uncle left to go back home this morning too... one of my very top fave relatives, so that's a bit of a blow to the system too.

there's at least four other noteworthy events today too, but they've rather escaped me... still reeling from the... wait, have i said this already?

sry, i am rather out of sorts with the headspin from today.

well anyways, i'll scamper onward. if you're reading this... wtf is up with you? XD go find something worthy!

hah. i dont even remember if i set this blerg up for personal sharn, or thought sharn... if thought sharn, then here, fuck it, here's some thought sharn for ya:

if constrained to purpose, then misses portions of the picture.

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