placebo ignorance revelation

one night i found myself with a bit of a headache, that could have been a migraine coming on, and looking at the first result for "ginkgo biloba", not having any cannabis, nor wanting a trip out to find mushrooms for a trip, both effective cures, the only effective cures, n not wanting to polute myself with more pharmaceutical painkillers which are 90% placebo anyway and make asthma worse in the long run, and in this article it had mention of one not-even-single-blind nor control-grouped'd study from 2009 which said it reduced the number of migraines... n i went for it....

chopped up a bigger than normal dose into half a cup o herbal tea i had left from before having a siesta, not wanting to look any further for any data that might be contrary to this firt tenuous find. i was amidst a willful placebo. a willful ~dare i say~ ignorance. and it struck me...

... what if this is what folks are doing all the time when it comes to new information... protecting their psyche, and preventing psycho-somatic ills from embracing disquiettening new data?

things like the government is a global crypto fascist monster throwing us all under the bus, enslaving humanity, or the miriade of smaller portions to that, from fluoride in toothpaste to keeping a perpetual war going as george orwell depicted.

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