first dob post

captain's log, stardate, ... idk what the stardate is... maybe i should use unix epoch instead. ... though i dont know that either.

i've got a new blog!

this one is to catch all the things i want to rant and ramble about, that (probably) arent related to nix, and not all that well suited to posting to some forum... where i prefer to live... cos forums are about the conversation. blogs are all too "me me me", n i'm not really into that ego inflating guff (tho no doubt will succumb to that here n there). ^_^


... hrmm, ok, i suppose i dont really have anything to say for this first one. ^_^ just a quick test n wave and "hi", to confirm THE GAME IS ON!

... from here on, expect an eclectic(?) mix of inane uninteresting personal stuff, and awe inspiring ideas to change the world for the better. ^_^

also, expect excessive use of "..." and liberal misuse of spelling and grammar. ;) ... and other abuses of punctuation, and dyslexic moments. (only mildly dyslexic)

in other housekeeping news:

hopefully the autoformat wont botch too many newlines, and stuff will stay pleasantly readable. ... i will be meddling with the css... not to something as austere and minimal as my nix blog, but something in between likely. :)


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