social filters n funnels n functions

so now github are microsoft's little bitch

it was already a filter for those who either didnt know or didnt care or could tolerate or would be coerced by social momentum or other reasons, to be on a "platform", a user-lock-in styled anti-freedom abuser/user of freedom, in irony, admittedly, largely to build freedom...

but now the freedom builders are more moving away, now that it is more loudly anti-freedom, owned by the monopolist tyrant enemy they thought they defeated earlier when they moved away out of its range.

so now the monopolomonstersoft comes again...

highlighting both that github never was a bastion of freedom, and, the monopolomonstersoft never was defeated.

much rejoicing as there was, when getting out of its clutches so far as to no longer be using microsoft windows n instead using GNU+Linux, or BSD, or AROS, or Solaris, or whatever, it was still there, with its modus operandi of monopolising, ...

those who can agree with that outlook move away from github, n it becomes more silo'd


maybe i was right to at least keep my empty hollowed out hull there... so that i'd still be able to interject links to freedom respecting git hosting/publishing/networking solutions in comments n all the silo-only lock-in bullshit of msgithub.


but mostly, the filtering will be effective, cajouling us, separating us... separation still the path to destruction, right? we need means of more connection, not filtration into segregation.

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digital open apprenticeships

wanky title/term... idk, can do better, but that's the first that i came up with to encapsule, or at least to remind me of the idea.

everyone should be teaching everyone else how to do their job.

on your website should be how to do your job.

on your product, should be how to make that product.

on your website and product should be how to not only make the product, how to make the website, and how to do your job, but how to become one who does your job.

and when i say how to, i mean, how you. because "how to" has a potential "the one way" implicity about it... n the point of this is that the way, is developmental n branchy.

but this way also non-destructive.

more preserving.

no more losing the skills n trades of old.

the pedagogic imperative runs through this "digital open apprenticeships" idea.

but in this age, we can afford to cast out all our trade-secrets.

it will only help to hasten the evolution of our species, preserve our old ways, allow developing the healthiest new ways, bringing about (for a contemporary e.g.) universal basic income.

and oh wont that seem so much easier and more sensible to do once we do have a solid social safeguard bedrock to know we have to fall back on and to build upon, without bureacratic byzantine scrutiny, penny pinching, torture, tormenting, coercing and cajouling as is in the means tested wellfare/workfare/benefits systems, no longer having that sharpened teeth of poverty coercing you into "dog-eat-dog", no longer needing hedge on trade secrets, able to engage with an open synergy of knowledge, no longer needing employ hostile anti-competivive(/hypercompetitive) tactics, ...

sorry, distracted mid-ramble, lost my train of thought.

well anyhoo, there's another proto-idea flung out there. :3 for what it's worth.

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dumb, dependence, disempowerment

you may have heard of "embrace, extend, extinguish"*

( * embrace, extend, extinguish, was and is an official strategy of the Microsoft corporation to form and maintain monopolies against all outside the monopoly that could offer genuine competition and co-operation alike. examples reach startling and surprising extents, like systemd. )

but i've just formed the wording at last for this other problematic idea undermining our freedom, corrupting our software, inhibiting our competence, and so much more.

dumb, dependence, disempowerment.

or, as actions, rather than descriptions, that might be formed as

dumb-down, dependify, disempower.

or just dumbing instead of dumb-down. and what is dependify? is dependify a word? lol.

but point being, there's this problematic bar-lowering that happens, while sacraficing paths to learning greater depth n complexity.

i'm not sure all who perpetrate n polute with this dumbing, dependence-inducing, dissempowering software are aware of what they're doing, nor what it causes.

stifling curiosity, censoring, controlling all knowledge, ... if they do not know, if they are never informed... in this reaching for popularity, for simplicity, and in ignorance, complicity or nefariously intentionality removing or obfuscating the fuller potentials, people are no longer facilitated, unfettered, flowing to more knowledge that would have helped them become greater helpers of others.

like the pedagogy, the mutual teach n teach alike, is missing, denied, from even existing, in the minds of those who get abused in their use of such dumb, dependifying, disempowering wares.

where do we go from there, nowhere good, fast.

we need to ensure that the first lesson, inbuilt in all our wares, is the importance of letting there be lessons. and then go on to the freedom, then the specifics of that ware.

i say ware, because i dont want to limit this notion to just software. it needs be open to hardware... and i dont know what other wares beyond those two it applies to too.

i know this is still a relatively rambly post... i know i still need to refine this to a simple message, a clearer way of conveying the insight so it's instantly clear in the minds of any who are told it. like the 4 freedoms defining free software, but better. i need that similar thing for .... pedagogy-ware. and a lot of free software is pedagogyware. but it's not by any means included in free software definition. just a huge, but partial, overlap, of kindred spirit, and essential synergy, even symbiosis. for after all, you cannot have free software without the freedom to learn, that much is included, so much so it's inherent to the 4 freedoms, wherein it says "study".

i say, study's great, but it's for the dedicated studious only, and so, if there's low-bar'ing to be done, it's not to be purely in the realm of use, to catch the popularity, but in the learning. low bar the learning. dont stop the low-bar'ing after the use, like it's just a ploy to catch victims... once they're in, you no longer care to facilitate for them? nah, it's gotta continue, throughout. indeed, only free software lets us have a chance to build in this next principle. you of course cannot have this with proprietary software. anything that appears to, ultimately will stop at the point it becomes proprietary, denying you further knowledge or input, but also, long before that, as the typical emergent property born from the corrupting forcet that inevitably exists in the minds of proprietary software developers. cant trust em. cant trust what you cant see. controlling that which others cannot see (and even if they find a way to, are denied any more, and if they find a way around that, then monstrous entities come chasing them), leads to that corrupting "power-over" addiction and ethics undermindingness.

i'll work on refining the message yet...

but i'll just add a lil ramble to remark (re-emphasize(?)) on how while there's the importance priority of pedagogy, cant have the pedagogy without the freedom (like gotta install the freedom first, like a dependency), and without the pedagogy, you risk losing the freedom.

some might just think this a mere matter of emphasis.

i think it's vitally important. core.

i also think it will be more important to the end users. to most, the freedom offered in the free software definition is intangible. this will help make it pertinent; this will make it ever present, upfront, active, and not only tangible, but tangified(?)~ used, in use, every day, every interaction.

where instead of a click, and then the one action followed by nothing, there would be a click, and then accompanying the one action, there would be cascades more. awareness gifted, to all, not just the studiously curious and persevering.

can you imagine the wealth, the noospheric wealth, this will cultivate in us all?

can you imagine the wealth, the noospheric wealth, this will cultivate in us all?

can you?

can you, imagine, the wealth, the noospheric wealth, this intrinsic pedagogy imperative, will cultivate in us all?

can you imagine?

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children should be seen and not heard

a notion for a communications hub/forum/network/chan/thing

a feature where by, as one implimentation first envisioned, users would be able to mark/vote/tag/tally other users as children, and then instead of them being ignored/muted for that user doing the marking, so the user marked cannot be read by the user doing the marking, instead, iiiiinstead, the user being marked gets muted to everyone else.

buuut! importantly,

it's not an outright muting. they're not silenced completely.

their content, their input, is still there, it's just truncated, so that, if someone wants to read it, they can, with one extra click. unlike everyone else's content that's still visable without clicking their line that expands to show their content.

it's so they can be seen, but not heard.

if you get my meaning.

it's not an ignorance n exclusion system that outright sends all the nazis n every other obnoxious n nefarious clique off into their own echo chamber.

and ... i cant help but envision it with some other idea i had, which i forgot what i called it (if i ever came up with a name for it at all), where it's increments, rather than absolutes, and everyone else has their own custom increments too.

so it's like dialing up n dialing down priority...

handy for when your steam is flooded with noise about everyone's mundane minutia n tabloid sensationalism n advertising spam etc, and handy for not succumbing to "everyone just votes 5 stars", having teired increments (i think i had like 4, that were 1 to 5 to 9, giving like 2 or 3 of the 4 in the end user's hands, or somehing... idk, i think i blogged about it a while back.)

so with this children-mode (no, lets not call it that), this csbsanh mode... coupled with that priority system...

mmm. pertinent info gets to the fore, no one gets marginalised, and everyone gets to improve not only themselves and their own conduct (with help of being measured by their community), but also get to improve their community.

it's a kind of cleaning up the neighbourhood feature... without any genocides or democides or "gentrification" etc. everyone's still there. everyone's learning from the more wise.

oh, that's the other thing... you gotta include the 3rd thing...

qualitative measures.

i'm thinking strong preference for aptitudes.

i've seen a sneek preview of an aptitude test... a battery of tests to determine your aptitudes, gives you lil quotient scores just like for iq. n break iq up into multiple parts too (which you may have seen in some iq tests).

so like, there be wisdom, yo.


mark that up.


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