slapdash first attempt at top 10 software-libre developers

this is being rattled out as quick as possible, so likely in wrong order, n missing key individuals. heck, i'm even likely to get their real names wrong/muddled/incomplete.

here goes...

1. Daniel Thau. (ParadigmComplex)

2. Denis Jaromil Rojo (jaromil)

3. Richard Matthew Stallman (rms)

4. Daniel Robbins (drobins)

5. Theo De Raadt (tdr?)

6. Eric S Raymond (esr)

7. Philip Newborough (corenominal)

8. Matt Adereth (adereth)

9. Derek Sivers

10.TMM (or was it zPlus?) (and other peers of freepost)

and a quick why for each:

1. Daniel Thau. (ParadigmComplex)

Bedrock Linux

2. Denis Jaromil Rojo (jaromil)

dynebolic, dyne.org, devuan, other inspirational talks on freedom

3. Richard Matthew Stallman (rms)

gnu, fsf, emacs, tireless freedom advocacy and unwavering ideals, stallman.org

4. Daniel Robbins (drobins)

gentoo, funtoo, portage, choice, ease of management of complex arrangements of local source compiling

5. Theo De Raadt (tdr?)

Open BSD, OpenSSH

6. Eric S Raymond (esr)

The Cathedral and the Bazaar (instrumental in converting me from a wintard), and other quotes & concise restatements of software development philosophies

7. Philip Newborough (corenominal)

crunchbang linux, brought many out of KDE/GNOME into exploring customising free software desktop environments made out of lightweight components.

8. Matt Adereth (adereth)

inspirational emacs, clojure, keyboard design (and history) and d.i.y. construction talk.

9. Derek Sivers

many an inspirational talk/blogpost

10.TMM (or was it zPlus) (and other peers of freepost)

much needed alternative to proptietary github. notabug.org

i may bother some day to make a more refined version of this list. for now, i'm happy with this... even though there are quite a few pained ommissions, i realise right before i post this.

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salivating over chameleons

help me

every time i see suse's logo, i get attracted to it, almost mesmerised.

it's the best distro logo.

i know the distro's utter sharn. not at all what i want.

but that logo still gets me.



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long time no blerg


has it been that long?

been a rough year.

and some chinese horoscope thing graphed my health luck as really high for 2016, and a horrible plummet for 2017. i hope they're utterly wrong.

ailments really got in the way of my geeking.

anyhoo... this isnt dob, this is dnb.


geekings updates:


much progress and subsequent procrastination on my custom keyboard plans when progress lead to too much elaborate fancy...

... and also...

I have a 3d printer now... havnt even taken it outta the box it arrived in yet though, thanks to messy bedroom procrastination (in part because of ailments hindering me).

there's hemp fillaments for 3d printers too!!

so my keyboard will be made from hemp! woohoo!

if i ever manage to get that project as far as construction.

it's been getting designed in blender, and the project can be followed at this thread over at geekhack:


so... that's the progress update for dak dealt with.

erm... what else...

oh... Elite:Dangerous. i used to mention it quite a bit, spent quite a small fortune on equip for it (did i mention anywhere in my previous blog posts that i have an avegant glyph? ... i have an avegant glyph. ... it doesnt really get used, and wont likely until i get Elite:Dangerous...) but I'm increasingly unlikely to see that game, as there seems increased reluctance for a Linux version... despite that being dangled infront of us in the kickstarter, n the only reason i spent all the money i had at the time on supporting it. well fuk u braben very much.

I've been having ample elite satiation via pioneer space sim. a lonely space exploration/trading game. it's luuurvly. fully foss. sorta like a cross between elite2 (f) and 3 (ffe).

ok, so it's not a real spaceship, like we all could, and should have, and would, if not for the crypto fascist bs keeping us all pinned to earth, under pretence that the iss n the various petty probes we send out to the planets are the pinnacle of our spacey potential so far. pah. gimmie my zero-inertia propulsion vtol submarine car ffs. spaceships for everyone. lets end this manufactured scarcity guff n cease harming the planet to maintain that pretence already.

we could be 3d printing our own spaceships. we could each have our own 3d printer onboard that can print another 3d printer enabled spaceship for anyone else we encounter, who could then go on to do the same for anyone they encounter. matter energy conversion fancy stuffs on top of zero point tech... ... all that with foss n fosh... or will we at that point cease needing such a distinction, and rms's arguments against the term free hardware (in its kinship to free software) be no longer relevant, n we'll be talking free technology then. free speech. free technology. freedom of movement. freedom of technology. that's all viable ... or are the greys stopping us clumsy apes from running wild with it... much as we tend not to let dogs drive cars. ? :3

ok ok, back to earth... what else in this update...

I'm on devuan these days.

(oh look! at last, mention of nix stuff... the bloody point of this blog. lol. i suppose i just had a lot of rant i needed to get out.)

so... this devuan's likely to get bedrock hijacked come the new release, which i expect early in the new year (or maybe even sooner... paradigm's off work for the seasons geekings now... so, bedrock development is happening now.)

It's been a while, so i forget what the new features are to be... was it easier install n brg? yeah. brg. bedrock get. easier distro strata acquisitions. twill make playing n testing more expedient. should help get it more robust n towards dropping "beta" from its releases.

without-systemd.org's much loved by me. even started contributing to it earlier today. hehe, added bedrock to it.

and being such a systemdsans kind of nix user, any distro i choose to hijack, or add as a strata, wont have systemd.

that simplifies the choice quite considerably.

past few days i've been meaning to get a dragora install on the go somewhere somehow. considering a qemu vm for it.

it hasnt happened yet.

been too feeble.

also... i kinda still should be in my dont-over-do-the-geeking-and-focus-on-your-health mode. that's why i'm on devuan this year. to keep it simple.

that itch is growing in intensity though. many curiosities n desires to get geeking.

i started using open of~ libre office.

got a spreadsheet for my ailments and food/nutes/poisons. it's proving quite useful for helping me keep track of the stuff that helps n stuff tha harms, various ailments. an ongoing work in progress that i may publish once it's better padded out, n less gaps. likely will have it show up in dob.

ok, i suppose that will do for now... i should go n try defeat this utter crunt of a headache, rather than struggle on updating dnb just because i've not posted in months n months.

there's more to say, but i'll say it next time.

ps, note to self... remind yourself how to do links with nanoblogger properly. is it just htmlness? yep it is, if this works

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