gnu or snow

gnu/linux or snow/linux?

gnu="gnu's not unix"

snow="systemd's not obviously windows"

... i choose gnu/linux.


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soon soon soon

i'm still caught in that moment of child-the-day-before-christmas*

*or whatever similar religious festival hijacked by commercial urge to sell toys and toxic confectionary to children. ^_^

soon. bedrock. soon. eeeee. *bounces off walls with excitement*


saw this now too: https://github.com/sabotage-linux/sabotage/blob/master/COOKBOOK.md thnx tax. will need to put in witchcraft.

also wanna try some sabotagelinux magics in my bedrock too.

... i'm still straining to come to terms with the new adjustments in bedrock conception coming up for nyla. like, uhh... ~_~ iunno.. no core anymore... that's gonna be a mind bender with hijack installs until i see it in action. :)

there's been a lot of (in style of quatto) "empty your mind, empty your mind, empty your mind"* to get rid of past conception of bedrock, n make way for new, so i dont keep tripping up over old notions no longer relevant, n stick to learning it as new.

* yes, i know quatto said open your mind to quade (and no i dont know the correct spellings of their names), not empty, but empty is what i'm saying in that style of quatto. ;p

i might make a multi-fallback. y'know, like, "6 is breached! fall back to position 5" hehe. the fallback strata will be nice, n doubtless used often by me when i go meddling. though i'd like to think i could keep things straight enough that if i made my own minimal systems i could get into them to use as my custom cushy fallback.

y'know... insta heats rather than meal bars. ;)

something just a little more pleasing than the ultra make-do. but still... simple, minimal, basics&essentials-complete, buuuut, just, y'know... um... give it dvtm n such. ;) so it's not just busybox.

heck, maybe one of the "fallbacks" could be just good ol systemrescuecd! :D ever ready there for when shit fucks up, as it alegedly invariably inevitably does, as coroborated by all but the most recent past experience, and it's still inconclusive as to whether or not this recent no-shit-fucked-up will continue for eternity

idk wat else to add ~ i add, returning to this still sat here on another desktop, dormant after hours have passed.



i have reinstated my great wall of backenter. a small piece of thin card placed between return and backspace. who ever thought that was a good design... make those two keys next to each other. ... oh what horrendous consequences in irc. :> it sticks up about a milimeter above the keys, hopefully just enough to prevent that happening again. i have even written "the great wall of backenter" upon it... should some day i forget why it is there. ... maybe some day this will be popularised among those who's keyboard designs are likewise so with neighbouring backspace and enter. ... and they'll eventually abreviate it to gwob, and people will ask each other if their keyboards are gwobbed. "hey, jonny, is your keyboard gwobbed?" "mine came pre-gwobbed with a built in factory gwob. do you have a gwob?" "i dont need a gwob, i have a row of keys between my enter and backspace".


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pre-bedrock sit-rep

just gonna jot down a quick sit-rep in the days before this next bedrock could be ariving.

last sun, we got a clearer picture of how soon we /might/ expect the next bedrock release. could be as early as this coming weeken (tho more likely end of the month, or later ~ i'm guessing).

so... my boxes:

big rig: planned for e:d (now aka "brabenspace")... so not really in this. 2nd 3008wfp monitor enroute (after delay), ordering 3rd soon. however, it may likely still get bedrocked (still has alpha4 available). ... if, after the x60t and one of the rpi are bedrocked, this box's void might get hijacked. ;)

x60t: a partitioned space was made for bedrock nyla the moment it gots it new hd, long ago at the start of the year. oh yes, no mistaking it. it ready to go. it has been ready to do this, for a hefty duration.

r-pi 1: hooked up, ran paradigm's earlier test fetch n build script on its raspbian. conveniently just a switch to hdmi, n i'm on the pi when sat at my big rig. i have a high-speed (16 arbritraries!) card i might use for a clean bedrock install from the ground up. will be fun.

r-pi 2: small card (+adapter) enroute. hopefully arives in time for the show.

netbook: yup. shall bedrock even it. will be nice to have 32bit bedrock. :)

testbox: meh, no point bedrocking it rly.

other old boxen: nahhhh. not gonna get silly trying to bedrock any ancientware.

so, unless brabenspace announces that i can land on earth, that'll be all my main boxes going from void (or freeslack (netbook)) to bedrock. void (and the trisquel and nixos before it) were only ever intended as "an exploration", a gainful filler until this bedrock release.

what am i putting /in/ those bedrocks?

hrmm. void, slack & gentoo, looks the way of it these days. for the basic solid main players at least. i'm likely to be avoiding distros that have caught the systemd infection.

soon.... it's coming... soon.

(ah good, that was better than filling irc ( #bedrock on irc.freenode.net or other chans ) with my yammering about it)

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