milliion years hypercube

lol. just noticed in my last entry... i think i was using strata as if it were the singular. what, so now i'm mildly dyspraxic as well as dyslexic? ^_^

all the better for creative thinking, my dear.

so, i (hope i) am coming out of a bout of unpleasantry... suffice to say, 30 somethings rrrrly cant eat almost nothing but litres of icecream in a day, n then go out n do intensive manual labour after months of lethargy.... nearing 2 months later.. n things are for the first time, looking up.

so, i can get back to funtime geeking (i hope), yaaaay!. *touches some wood... no idea why that's a relevant thing to do though, but does it anyway, just to help facilitate a mental leaning towards the desired outcome in hope of some quantum entanglement influence*

obligitory wtf u doing now: sat in a 4pane tmux, typing this in emacs from nanoblogger in my ssh'd sesh to my kimsufi box in the bottom left, above it, my local emacs with erc for irc doing most of the action, and the right two panes are lynx and elinks in a battle to determine which becomes my fave (available (since voidlinux dont haz links browser in repo)) tty-friendly browser. ¬ all on my big main box, that's sortta getting a last hurrah in its current state... tho to be honest, that's not really why i sat down at it... will the ailments it was getting too uncomfortable to sit at the x60t. ... its upcoming statechange is twofold. the first, the parts are here already, and i've just been lagging in getting them installed on account of A) the illness, B) it a fangled involved process just to get the box detatched n out to somewhere it can be worked on, to say nothing of then getting it back in there... C) n it not essential, n D) i just meh E) i kinda knew the next augments were in the pipeline, n better just the one disruptive adventure moving heavy components around n crawling into difficult places to meddle with wire spaghetti... so, what specifically? 3 sticks of 8gb to max out the mobo with the sweetspot fastest ram she can handle. n the next? a flippin woppin humungous 30inch 2560 x 1200 monitor! ... n it's just to test if i can put up with the 8ms refresh on it (ooooh but the 3000:1 gonna look so much more pimp than a mere 1000:1), so as long as it doesnt overtly problematic (without trying too hard to see a problem), then two more will be bought too, n my monitors will finally be of this millenium. ^_^

so, thats wtf im doing now, n the context of what's next too. ^_^ still voidlinux on my two main machines, the test rig, but freeslack on the 32bit netbook, n when some gemini minded genius inocently amidst an exploration of source based distros, pointed out the 32bit-only-ness of gobo linux... n so, that's likely to happen there once i get my big n FAST sd card for it n suss how to get that sd card to play nice with the multiboot. had only a little experience, n all of it troublesome n problematic with those lil pseudo drives.

erm, right.. there's loadsa thoughts n distractions... kinda got mania on the go wanting to burst out n carry on with life after been so incumbered with ailments over the past couple months. erm, erm... maybe it was something about bedrock i wanted to ramble on about. ... no, no, i do that all the time. something else.. ^_^ meh, gone now... or maybe i covered it n had less to say about it than i thought, or maybe i forgot to say the more about it, idk. ^_^ if this blog post is down to this level of ramble i suppose i better wrap it up....

so... i'm a 30 something now, as proven by the great icecream lawnmower debackle of 2015. but i'm still the 4 year old. ~and i'm still the 7 year old. ~and maybe still the 14 year old a bit too. ~and the 17, and the 19. and definately the 25... with the help of a coctail of numerous substances i wont mention here (i'll save that story for another blog) and a summer solstice (and a beach n a campfire ~ if they helped too), i became a million years old omnidirectionally, even hyperdirectionally. ... which is as nice a thought as it is... immense. almost daunting if it werent so empowering at the same time... though, empowering in a responsibility sense. no, i dont expect that will really mean much to hardly anyone, but it's put out there all the same*.

*fingers rly wanted to type time there instead at first, n then as i fought them to type same, they were still going for time initially, n then for space. )_) curious quirk just on what i thought was to be the final word.

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