someone (not just someone, but xeirrr!) just pm'd me that my blog's useful. O_O

spose i should make another post.

short one though. arm is in a sling.

myt as well paste my pm reply to the enquiry... it's about as much as i update regularly anyway.

the questions were: Which distro and Window manager do you normally use? Which font´╝č

currently am using void linux on most local machines, planning to go back to bedrock linux once the next version comes out. still a gentoo fanboy enough to keep it running on my server. xmonad, specifically my configuration which i call "tabular boonad". font... i make my own, n use them exclussively. http://ks392457.kimsufi.com/stuff/fonts/?C=M;O=D wastage, pcf and tydls feature prominently over the past few days.

i actually only got back to xmonad yesterday (or was it day before maybe), it not being directly available in void linux's repo. had been using spectrwm for all this time with void. spectrwm's still my wm of choice to put on a live compact system with tiling ootb ("rowan"'s deskfig), and as nice as its default featureset is, even above vanilla ootb xmonad's for the most part, eventually it does wear out, n i seek things it cannot do. so it was back to xmonad i had to go... n i prefer to stick to the repo no matter what distro i'm on, so i had let many weeks go by, dismissing a fellow void user's reccomendation to get it through cabal (and also because have had bad cabal experiences in the past)... but yeah, eventually it came to that point i nnnnnnnneeeded xmonad and tabular boonad and my scratchpads back... so cabal it was. and y'know what? it was fine. idk if that's all more praise to void linux, just good timing, or if because that's how it normally is with cabal, n all past times i had only ever seen it when there was likely to be something wrong anyway. heh.

so it is all good.

xmonad via cabal in void linux is full of sufficient just works charm n relative effortlessness... relative to cabal expectations that is.

this further adds to the joy of it.

void seems likely to be my main quick-grab binary distro in bedrock... might even try hijack it. then doubtless i'll eventually end up with an AUR strata, maybe a deb/ubu repo-fest strata too. gentoo and exherbo will be there too. as will nixos and guix sd. much respect to the ~\/~ of course it will be there.

yep, so even though i've not been running bedrock for months, it's still foremost on my mind, and i still see myself as a bedrock user, n a big ol fanboi of bedrock linux.

How about vsido?

it's still there on my main rig's multiboot, preserved, precious. still at least half the partitions on my test rig are vsido too.

when i set up a sid strata in bedrock, a lot of the apt configuration i take from vsido.

iirc, i paypalled a little support vsido n bedrock's way, just a little before i got into void, iirc. might do that again in a few weeks/months. including guix (/ guix sd) and void this time too.

xeirrr informed me vsido, upon dist-upgrade, wants rid of systemd n sysvinit back these days. :) excellent. at time of writing idk if that's vastone's efforts, or if the upstream have relaxed their capitulation to coersion into the systemd debackle. whatever, it's very welcome. :) awesome to hear it's in that state of itching to remove systemd. very good news to me. in a sense, i only got into void because it lacked systemd which vsido was still coerced into having from debian upstream.


runit is nice.

but indeed, the wealth that is debian... many of us still do have an eye out for the systemdless path with debian. from iso until eternity. some of us rrrreally dont like the thought of ever having a systemd infestation, (or ANY kind of lennartware infestation, we've come to learn), from our own innocense, just having it hoisted upon us one day... ugh no. it's abhorrend. one wonders wtf the debian steering cabal capitulates were thinking to ever have made such a move.

aaaanyway.... i try not think about that.

no systemd here.

glad there's continued rays of hope from sidside. voidside, gentooville, and the town of bedrock, these places impose no such systemdickery. ;) safe.

though bedrock doesnt prevent you having it either. er, tho nor does gentoo... but anyone using gentoo will know how to set a couple useflags in their make.conf n they'll never need be bothered by it if they dont want, so it's still a non-issue in gentoo the land of choice. and as much as that's still valid to call gentoo the land of choice, n choice is still what gentoo's all about... it's kinda laughably supersceded by the transplendent transcendent paradigm redefigning bedrock linux.

ok, sorry if that was overly gushing. but bedrock really does take the level of choice offered to the next level. lot of oomf to the choice. like all the choice offered by pick-a-distro---any-distro multiplied by pick-as-many-more-distros-as-you-like-any-distros.

heeh heeeeeeey.

but yeah... soon... next version.


i'm kinda all still just floundering in slack water, flopping around exploring while i wait for the next bedrock. void's been an unexpected treat. far more possitive result than from my nixos exploration.

i'm kinda tempted to go see solusos again, n give it a bit of a live-in try before bedrock's next release. i had tried it only for a few days in the past. i think maybe at least a fortnight n i might get to grips with the stuff that matters, n would make it a more effortless inclusion in bedrock thereafter. ;) because it is indy. i wanna see what they're up to. :) them and two or three others too... though i doubt i'll find meaningful time for them before bedrock's release.

anyhoo, i'll stop before i mak my arm worse...

good news to hear there's hope for vsido systemdlessness on the horizon. while it may look like i'm being distroholic, or dsitro-slutty, it's all still in a larger framework of focussed intent n explorations, all towards the bedrock path.

anyhoo... nothing much to report rly... just still edge of seat watching the foss scene n moment in history.

soon and now... ;)

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