about a distro...

i'd like to take a moment to blab on about one particular distribution of GNU|Linux

but what kind of distro?

one that's got a lightweight desktop kitted out with all the essentials conveniently and beautifully pre-configured, easy to use, easy to install, fast to install... basically, the ideal "ootb distro" ("out of the box" "distribution"), to get you up n running with the least fuss, quick as possible, and with something worthy of keeping as your main os.

all the more sweet, rolling release, so there's never any big upgrade bumps every year or however often. and the newest toys.

a friendly small community of experienced users to boot!

but hey, how many software packages are available? well here's the good news. this distro is debian based, so there's tens of thousands, easy the rival of any.

debian? rolling? so the knowledgeable reader will have discerned it's using sid repo. correct. but not only. also experimental. experimental!!?!??!!! yup. it handles it very well. there are sufficient safeguards in place. so it really does let you get the new shiny.

and speaking of the shiny, i mentioned it was lightweight... but not too lightweight that it doesnt have the plushness. fluxbox + some light compositing and some pragmatic, elegant, slightly mechanical/masculine/utilitarian/sci-fi-ish theming, lends to a balanced "just right" air of seriousness. there's a bit of a youthful vibe to it too, as well as a mature vibe.

basically, the theming/styling with the backdrop of the app selection, and other nuances of implementation give a sence of confidence in the competence of its construction, whilst still affording a sence of freedom, as if you'd made a machine of gold as light as a feather.

yup, this distro is a bit of a "the philosopher's stone of distros".

there are many purposes, niches, use-cases for distros. i find myself fond of many distros for different reasons. for example, i like exherbo for its whole package management system and methodology; i like bedrock for enabling cabaility of all/any distros in one, and it's capacity to unite without interference or need of mergers or coerced debendancy battles in the war of 927 [xkcd reference]; i like slackware for it's indefatigable steadfast resistance to popular-magpie-ism, and keeping availed a many paths slack approach that affords the user more opportunity/exposure to learning, and less immediate plastic-wrap from start to grave; i like gentoo for many gentoo fanboi reasons too numerous to list here; i like systemrescuecd for being that one go-to salvation when the crap hits the fan (or when wanting to install something, prep a drive, or numerous other things); i like slitaz for being so tiny and yet so pleasantly complete and simple an experience; i like h~ ok, that could go on and on.

the point being, the many different reasons, and there being no "one" "the" "best" distro.

but for specific use cases, there can be.

like for the best ootb. (accepting individual variation)

it's probably time i just said the name of this illustrious distro, right?

well i wont say the name. i'll just make this link.

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