just another update

this year thus far i have been mostly...

geeking around in various places n things.

gonna be getting back to gentoo. my main two machines are still in a bit of disarray after a couple hd failures (oh i so hope i can still salvage my documentaries and lectures i've been collecting since 2003). vsido doing the main business of trying to restore my cinema drive after it started dying and a botched fsck (instead of fsck.ext3) was done. the bedrock alpha4 on that machine likely to be supplanted by a fresh bedrock come the summer, if nyla gets released on schedule.

the laptop here has nixos in a pendrive that im currently using, and had only planned to use for a fortnight or a month or whatever until nyla came out but thats been delayed, and am now considering getting it moved on to guix, which was the real plan anyway... to see nixos, which was long admired only from afar, before i took a stab at this new freedom-approved variation on the same theme with emacsianesq lispness throughout, to further facilitate practical emancipation and empowerment of users. have got vsido on another pendrive in it too, which of course was my first reflex go-to distro to get back up n on the go when the ssd died. have got a new 1tb in the mail for use with this laptop now, having discovered that even if that ssd isnt dead, it's likely to belly up in the x60t again later, as that seems to be a thing, where ssd in x60 need reinitialising in another computer before they work again in the x60. meh, not willing to face that on a potentially repeating feature. so, back to a slow drive it is... but this time bigger. i may end up using it just as storage and keep using pendrives for the os. ... i like this notion on several levels and indeed ran this laptop in such a way for years in the past. ... including that long-time misplaced corsair survivor gt pendrive that i had crunchbang (squishboom) on and started witch(linux) from, as well as the thought-to-be-lost original lunacat.hs irc info bot. i miss gentoo (tho my server in france is still gentoo), and i miss exherbo. all the nice features of nix package manager in nixos are nice, but, not rly anything of such significance to compete with the niceness of gentoo... though... i have become more scared and reluctant to upgrade my gentoo since experiencing the roll-back capability of nixos. ... i've mentioned a couple times the notion of useflag capability being introduced to the source build system side of guix, to which the basic jist of the answers gleamed from both irc responces and the discussion others raised in mailing list was that it's possible, but would cause too much a workload in verifiability of builds, at least for now. ... idk, maybe this can be reinvestigated with an emphasis on default useflags used for binaries and then leae the useflag source fanboys to have their useflag ways without needing to obligate all possible variations be built as binaries. seems sensible to me... at least, a lot more sensible (and presumably a smaller workload for package maintainers) than having package maintainers decide which packages to split on a case by case basis when problems arise. certainly a lot better for users too. ... its funny because the infrastructure of guix packagind seems already so close to accomodating a useflag-alike system already... i mean, from my limited understanding having seen several packages and how they're layed out. it's all quite lispian, but seems to me like it's LESS than a stone's throw away, and it's only the (seemingly silly) notion that all possible variations need be built (and the resulting workload/cost of reproduceability/verifiability) that holds this idea back. but still, it's early days, and as i say, it seems to be so well structured that this could much more easily be a feature added later than could be in other binary package management systems.

wooh. ok, so that's my ramble about my main two local rigs (b)logged.

i probably didnt have the new addition last time i blogged. i have a new netbook! my first netbook. ... and oh my golly does it help me appreciate my x60t and what glorious hardware it is. this netbook has reframed my expectations and standards, to see that not all are of such high quality as the x60t. the colour correct viewing angle of this x60t is basically 180 degrees pretty much, only minor barely perceptible deviations on the vertical angle, and then only when it's in a dark room. the acer netbook on the other hand... basically there is a NEGATIVE viewing angle range for colour correctness... meaning no matter where i possition my head, there's going to be colour changes from one side of the screen to the other. it's so absurdly laughable. but i still love the little tyke. it came with mint on its internal hd. i've wiped that. midway through putting gentoo on it, though seemed to hit snags regarding getting it to properly acknowledge the sd card on boot, so have since tried using a pendrive there too... sorta mid-way through that process. it's been slow going, what with it being ultra weak performance, and me wandering off to do other things n neglecting it for over 10 times longer than each step in the process takes (even at its slow rate)... but it will happen. ^_^ i like the idea of gentoo on it, despite the painful compile times, because i know when it's running it will be that much more optimised and faster. ... heck, might even try o3... hehe, nah. better play it safe. i want stability as well as speed. ;) if anything, it's just great to keep sharpening my knowledge n skills with gentoo, increasing my familiarity with gentoo and gnu|linux in general... not to mention of course, that gentoo are all about choice, and there it's far easier to avoid systemdick.

... hehe, systemdick... on the back of a joke suggestion, i started a github for systemv(agina) a wrapper for systemd, in similar style to rspm... doubtless will get it sorted to wrap more than just systemd, and will create a unified scripteable interface for basic initialisation and system management just like rspm aims to be. ... laughably absurd for 99% of gnu|linux users as-is, but with the witch notion of any distro-base accomodating consistent user-defined desktop environments ("deskfigs") and other witchcraft capabilities, this starts actually making sense... and idk what i find more amusing about it, that it is a joke, that it isnt announced as a joke, or that it can actually become useful. lol

so anyways... thats my main three machines. yep... the netbook has somehow snuggled itself into being main machine number 3. the testbox here relegated to number 4 i suppose. it still has two (or is it three now) vsido installs on it, the latest being a test for the new installer, which while taking about a minute longer than the previous method is still pimpalisciously fast n pleasantly simple n noob friendly. ... any noobs scared by a distro that is sid and experimental repo debian need not be so scared. it is cushy. for all my high n wild n grand ideas of understandibly more intimidating distros like gentoo and exherbo, and bedrock, vsido is still my go-to. where i can spend 3 days on a gentoo install and still have weeks of finding more things to tweak n config n set up right, vsido is more like 3 minutes, and there's only need to install xmonad, drop in my config, and set up firefox how i like, n it's golden, anything after that is trivial to get how i like. eeeeeexpedient. awesome distro. (thnx VastOne).

erm, in other geekery news (heh, "news"... like this isnt just a "me me me" narcisist ramble... heh, spose there's gotta be some outlet for the bilge of egoic delusion, lol, n thats what likely 90% of blogs are)... just started giving dwb a try out more properly. uzbl is doubtless still a big love of mine, but i am just stuck in procrastination on getting it how i like. ... dwb may prove a simpler affair. i expect i will hit a ceiling on it at some point though.

okies, loads more to ramble about, but i gotta eat.

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