Digit's 10 VR roundup

the following comes as pasted from the slap-dash summation of the virtual reality headsets that are soon to be available, given what little info i have thus far. i have set myself some simple criteria to help quickly eliminate some with deal-breaker features. dont expect thorough, nor for your criteria to be same as mine.

* vrs ** in *** CMOAR um... it has two modes. *** trueplayergear / vrana totem vr onboard gfx power king. *** infiniteeye 210 degrees horizontal view, lots vert too presumably. immersivity king. *** avegant glyph style king. comfort king. ~ duration king. audio king. *** ANTVR gamepad king ** out *** facebook rift uncomfortable/painful to wear backers are the main mass individual surveilance machination of in-q-tel, cia, iao, darpa, etc fucking no way am i having or supporting the fscistbook's mind-reading face-hugger. *** vrase phone *** gameface phone

*** altergaze phone *** sulon cortex phone ~:pity, it looks cool, nice direction oof arc of headrest, nice sleak bot like design.:~ i'm watching your room! and sensing it! *** fove i'm watching you! * criteria ** reasons out has a mobile phone held up to your face requires a mobile phone in any shape or form is backed by a rogue epic-cunts organisation is direct from anti-freedom cunts ~~and associated crooks n spooks ** resons in not out ** double plus points foss friendly * faves, descending. ** avegant glyph despite taking a beating over its viewing angle, it still wins on so many other points, several of which alone keep it shining brightest. points such as it having been designed from the ground up for long duration comfort, for the military. ok, i know, that might not sound the best... "military", and "comfort"... but what i mean is, you can wear it from morning to night without eyestrain, or strain anywhere else, and be able to get up n do the same the next day. ... see... i do plan on playing elite a lot... and the way i work it out.... that 45 degrees, that's ballpark what i see looking at my laptop monitor right now... and ok, that's a different kind of comparison... but... ok, idk, am i sugar coating it by trying to see this as having the same size screen, *ahem* same size viewing portal into the world, but able to move it around ( comfortably ). it really does still seem like the only achilles heal to the avegant glyph though ( so long as their claims about the sharpness of image hold water ), and when you hear of 210 degrees (~infiniteye's), compared to 45... it does sound a lot... but then... freznal lense doesnt sound like it's going to deliver a perfect pristine image, compared to these military grade retina projector things. ** infiniteye 210 degrees man... that's ... that's more than i think i can actually see... meaning, there are no blinkers keeping you looking ahead, you're aware of your surroundings. that's hard to beat. ok, it kinda looks big n bulky... but... 210 degrees man! ** ** CMOAR/TOTEM/ANTVR i just dont know enough about these three to really pick them appart... but perhaps some more investigation will reveal features that put them in with a chance of challenging my two current fore-runners, the avegant glyph and the infiniteeye.

ps. see, warned u not to xpct mukl. ;p

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