frothing mouthed

hi. i'm digit.

at this moment, i am, at least to my knowledge, probably the most frothing mouthed over-enthused rabid fanboi of bedrocklinux in existence.

i try to tone it down. i know it does a diservice to perceptions of bedrock, to go run around all so hyper-over-enthused tripping up over my own words n thoughts trying to fight past the excitement to elaborate on why i love it so, and then it just comes out as drivel.

well, i think i managed to casually encapsulate why in a recent conversation.

"all distros, native, in one. bedrock."

which hopefully conveys you can install packages of different distros on the same system, as one, without virtualisation or containers, and maybe the curious would then ask enough to discern it acheives this via some chroot magic in the background.

just less than an hour to go before the next bedrock developer meeting is scheduled (i will try to contain my frothing mouthedness and not chime in unless i have some /worthy/ contribution... cos i aint a dev, just a frothy mouthed fanboi), and i just noticed in the #bedrock ( irc.freenode.net ) irc chan's topic a new link to the new slides for paradigm's presentations on bedrock, which really fully stand up on their own as a great, clear, concise introduction and explanation of bedrock.



keenly watching bedrock action. :) here's hoping the next version is soon, and released smoothly without problems. i expect this meet will start to clarify n truncate any remaining uncertainties about the plans for it and the workloads the devs have to manage to get the ball rolling.


and if not this month's, then next, heh, presuming seasonal commitments dont interfere with the dev time. :)


bedrock linux lets you have all distros, native, in one.


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sitrep ramble

this month or two, i have mostly been...

lots of activities really.

typically too many an interest to keep track of them all... havnt visited my digit.org file in a while... which is probably for the best as it would likely only have doubled in size.

there's been much house designing, audio/music creation with the new colaboration project, and various geekery interests...

geekery interests... right...


since i have a lil money now, i've bought a n900 in a bit of a hastey "did i rly just do that" moment when it looked like my e90 might be dying. (it wasnt rly, and the charger connection came back into action with a little sanding.)

soo... new maemo toy to play with. amusingly, the very competitor candidate to the e90 i bought 7 years ago. n900, still unsurpassed.

the e90 seems the superior hardware on a number of points, but the n900 has a few key features the e90 lacks (like touch screen... why did the e90 have to be the first nokia communicator to drop that??)

i expect it shall prove very useful.

witch musings...

having re-read the bedrock nyla plans (since its release is all but imminent) again, and after having read the non-daw website and about its modular philosophy, and other pro-modularity musings around the bedrock camp and others, i've decided to switch from thinking about writing a bedrock installer script for insertion into witchcraft, to thinking about better modularising the existing gentoo installer in witchcraft so that it can be used not just as a gentoo installer script for within witchcraft, nor just so far to accomodate stand-alone gentoo installations, but also to install gentoo into a bedrock stratum. thus it would require a radical reworking of witchcraft from as it is... such that it's likely worth effectively starting from scratch, just gutting the existing witchcraft suite for bits.

... of course, i highlight again, this is only "thinking". i've yet to muster much coding activity or enthusiasm... knowing what a mamoth cake i have to try to swallow. ... such that it at times seems too big i dont know where to start... .... hello world, right? XD

i mentioned non-daw earlier. yet to get it installed. failed manual install, failed at a different point in letting the package manager try to take care of it. not giving up on it yet, having seen how awesome a tool it is and can be.

keen to get some more toys to make audio/music with. downloading AVLinux too, for me to try out n for a fellow creative who might like it as his main os.

now lets see, what else, oh yes... https://www.fsf.org/blogs/rms/20140407-geneva-tedx-talk-free-software-free-society brilliant. heh, got reminded of that by setting up a few rss feeds on my n900.

.... ack, there's at least 50 things i should be mentioning here. lots been going on. trying to take my mind off stuff that came hammering back to me after my zero-money problem got sorted and i realised that was all that was sorted and only that. rly should try to take it easier n do less though, or i'll burn out again this winter. .... 15,000 IU a day of vitamin D3 for me, n 4-7 bananas (depending on their size). .... gotta look after that most important component in my linux system. ... me! the user! ;)

oh, yeah, i got sauron back on the go ... hurrah. my irc'ing can continue without incessantly checking for nci mentions manually. thnx sauron.el for that. that was absurdly too long without it, idk why i hadnt sorted that in this os for so long.

i think i've accepted i'm sorta gonna abandon my bedrock hawky in favour of trying out nyla when it comes out. ... i'm just not so competent and well suited to so much heavy lifting with all that, at least when i've got other things on the go... so it seems i have a pattern forming with bedrock methinks... a working one, a half-duff one, a working one, a half-duff one... nyla's the next working one following this pattern. lol.

no real firm plans for what i'd put on her. nyla, it does sound like a her, right? idk, i've never watched the anime paradigm gets the release names from.

i'm almost certain to have gentoo... i'm wondering about forgoing a straight debian sid (at least initially) in favour of an ubuntu. ... thinking practical, since i want to make it my daily driver (if i would get off my ass n fix it so i have gui in hawky, i'd be using it instead of pure exherbo on this machine at the moment), so that means cushy, n how i want it. gentoo lets me make it how i want it more than most, and ubuntu is cushy in many ways. heh. though, another strong goal i'd have for it is complete evasion of systemd on any client. (yes, i'm one of those guys, one of those systemd haters).

mad thing is, even though i've bough this n900 nice n cheap second hand, i'm now also eyeing up an openpadora n wondering if its worth blasting through the rest of my money for one of them also! this is what happens to someonewhen u keep them impoverished on zero income for years, give them a trickle for a bit, then land a grand on them. magpie'ism! heh.

i should rly be sorting out my solar n wind stuff i have planned to power my raspberry pies. ... i'm writing "pies" instead of "pis" because it looks less like "piss". heh, should should should shouldshouldshould. i have too many conflicting shoulds set up for myself. oh well, better my own than another's.

bought a bulk of pendrives with intent of getting back into distro-respinning, since basically all my old ones are now either broken, used with something precious i wont touch, or too small for what i have planned.

crux is on my mind more often now we have another crux user regular in #witchlinux on freenode. and what crux does it always makes me think of going more clean, more minimal, and sometimes also, more bsd.

oh, i use zsh now instead of bash. a few minor niggles that irritate. just petty stuff like having to escape more characters or use quotation marks where bash wouldnt have minded, but that could likely be remedied with configuration anyway. it's worth it. i know zsh is the superior beast, and have known since like way back in 2008ish, or maybe even years before that. ...just when you are a rabid distro-hopper, you have litle time to settle down with such things, and are much more accustomed to exploring the default offered, and enjoy the trans-distro consistency of bash being default. nothing against bash. just zsh offers some cushyness. who knows, before long i'll be using enlightenment20 and will swear by terminology as the only terminal interface i'd ever type into again... er... wait, it does use its own shell for its tricks right? or can i still chose to use zsh or whatever shell in terminology? heh. that'd be cool if terminology's tricks were all shell based somehow, and could be ported to any terminal emulator.... terminology tricks in st, anyone?

hrmm, lets see... what else... meh, loads likely, but am only just coming up with non-nix stuff, so i'll save it for a relevant blog.

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