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so, crux is nice.

or so it sounds from a snippet i caught in #crux when a friend i got interested in crux got me re-interested in crux, again, for the uptenth swing of that ... er... whatever they call the ball on a string on the end of a fixed pole and hitting the ball with tenis or tenishish rackets game.

so anyways, thnx to orbea. n thnx to dxlr0r.

the things i best admire about slackware, are perhaps even more true of crux.

crux is kinda like the best refinement of that kiss thing.

arch capitulated to conveniences (gawd bless em n their lil programmin hearts), slack was already off on a half mental quasi faux religious quirkyness, and had a sprawling dark wasteland outside it's main tower and small community encampment, and whoever else was around, were'nt really doing kiss, or doing it well enough and loud enough to have gotten in on my shorlist of three here. not counting the many slack based spinoffs.

so crux is kinda like arch before the pacmanification... right?

no, see, this is all vague jibberish.

:) you have to use crux to know for yourself the level of clarity and learned savy you'll gain over your system. ... and i havn't... at least, not to the point i've really lived it. rrrreallllyyyy LIVED it. ~ i've not done that. i cant just step into crux and be all packagey configurey this n that. it takes much search n read n reread. at least so i recall... been a while since i booted into my crux or my bedrocklinux alpha3 with only crux as its only client (stratum).

"it's really KISS and you don't feel like there is a black box which the magic happens. if something is fucked up you can actually understand what's wrong and fix it" -dxlr8r

brilliant. :)

just what i want. that's why i tend to lean towards distros which lean towards the source, and even encourage the user towards looking at the source... just, i'm an efficiency enthusiastic ("lazy"), mildly dyslexic, airbrained million scattered interlinked and intermingled ideas kind of guy, so that makes it tough sometimes to stick as close as i'd like to the learned side of the foss.

crux definately is the learned side of the foss.

dont let that put you off and confuse you into thinking that means crux is not for newbies.

you could do crux as a newbie, and it would be THE BEST distro to have started with. you would have such a vastly superior understanding of the underpinnings of all other distros, their comonalities, far the greater than perhaps any other distro. that'd be kewl. wudnit? ;p

so pluck up the balls, and make you're first distro crux.

it's too late for me.

i'm spoilt rotten as i watch exherbo sooth my weary brow with it's lovely conveniences of managing all manner of compile option stuffs i dont rrrreally understand, but am glad they're there, and all the options (that's useflags in gentoo/funtoo lingo), the options, the options, the options. useflags~

cave resolve world -W somerepo/shitinowant -km -Km -Cs -e -x

u any idea what that's doing for me... n how much of a spoilt brat i am for it?

i feel like a todler of a starfleet couple living on a starship who has managed to get into a shuttle and go for a little joy ride.

wheeeeeeeeeeee. it works. i hope it keeps working. things beep, and i can push the simple buttons to make it keep going, and i know there are hundreds of safety features and backups to make sure it keeps going. but i dont rrreally know what's making it go. i could look and learn, but i'm just a todler out for a joy ride. wheeeeeee.

i cant keep this analogy up if i were to then try to depict time spent in crux by comparison. but basically, crus isnt like that, or at least, would have less window of oportunity to ever feel like that. it'd offer some mild challengingness to begin with, and then increasing familiarity with your system there'after.

or so goes my imagination.

what do i know... i dont use it as my "daily driver".

i have exherbo on the laptop for that (sometimes i duck back to #!sid, and less so, slackware, less yet for crux and bedrock alpha3, and i think there's a gentoo on this laptop too...)

on the workstation, besides the graveyard of never used distros, and vsido which manages my boot manager, i use bedrock alpha4 with sid, gentoo, arch and slack. some times segfaulty when tasking the graphics.

thems my daily drivers. (still intending to get my pendrive with bedrock beta1 (sid, gentoo, exherbo and, er, slack or arch or something i forget) working as my daily driver once i suss why it was going to a responseless hang when launching x... then both my daily drivers will be bedrock, and able to be any distros i want... my alpha 3 bedrock install was all crux... i think it's about time i brought crux back to the party in my bedrocks)

earlier today, after being miffed that distrowatch's search doesnt let you search/filter by package manager, i looked at their package managers page... interesting. a bit incomplete, and oddly half-thorough in other parts, it did at least reinspi~ remind me to beef up rspm and fix it for things like slack

looking forward to pmm (package manager manager) too, from bedrock. who knows if any of my simpleton work on rspm might in any ways be useful to bedrock yet, let along useful to pmm, or even in any way compatible yet, but it's still an idea i'll have a poke at, since it's intended for a different purpose really. yeah, witch still exists, i know of at least two others interested in releasing witches at some point. :)

... ok, im gonna go get some grub n stop drumming fingers on my blog while i look around for distractions while watching compile spew.

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