eep bedrock poki nears

eep. next release of bedrock is getting tangibly closer... weeks to months, seemingly comfortably doable for 2018 now, with latest chirpings from lead developer "paradigm" in #bedrock on irc.freenode.net

why eep? why not yay?

well, i considered putting this in my health blog. short of it ... i've not done well to focus on my health so i'd be well enough for the geeking involved.

once it's out ... i might just jack this devuan.


i need focus on my health still. (will spare the elaborations on that for relevant blog).

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nanoblogger so cute

nanoblogger so cuuuuuute

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Back to my Digit's Nix Blog.

really i only remembered this because i was looking through memoserv, and saw the old missing hyphen typo correction message.

my geeking hiatus is supposed to be continuing. supposed to be looking after my health. so... i dont suppose i've much geeking to blog about here.


yup. i got nuthin.

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slapdash first attempt at top 10 software-libre developers

this is being rattled out as quick as possible, so likely in wrong order, n missing key individuals. heck, i'm even likely to get their real names wrong/muddled/incomplete.

here goes...

1. Daniel Thau. (ParadigmComplex)

2. Denis Jaromil Rojo (jaromil)

3. Richard Matthew Stallman (rms)

4. Daniel Robbins (drobins)

5. Theo De Raadt (tdr?)

6. Eric S Raymond (esr)

7. Philip Newborough (corenominal)

8. Matt Adereth (adereth)

9. Derek Sivers

10.TMM (or was it zPlus?) (and other peers of freepost)

and a quick why for each:

1. Daniel Thau. (ParadigmComplex)

Bedrock Linux

2. Denis Jaromil Rojo (jaromil)

dynebolic, dyne.org, devuan, other inspirational talks on freedom

3. Richard Matthew Stallman (rms)

gnu, fsf, emacs, tireless freedom advocacy and unwavering ideals, stallman.org

4. Daniel Robbins (drobins)

gentoo, funtoo, portage, choice, ease of management of complex arrangements of local source compiling

5. Theo De Raadt (tdr?)

Open BSD, OpenSSH

6. Eric S Raymond (esr)

The Cathedral and the Bazaar (instrumental in converting me from a wintard), and other quotes & concise restatements of software development philosophies

7. Philip Newborough (corenominal)

crunchbang linux, brought many out of KDE/GNOME into exploring customising free software desktop environments made out of lightweight components.

8. Matt Adereth (adereth)

inspirational emacs, clojure, keyboard design (and history) and d.i.y. construction talk.

9. Derek Sivers

many an inspirational talk/blogpost

10.TMM (or was it zPlus) (and other peers of freepost)

much needed alternative to proptietary github. notabug.org

i may bother some day to make a more refined version of this list. for now, i'm happy with this... even though there are quite a few pained ommissions, i realise right before i post this.

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salivating over chameleons

help me

every time i see suse's logo, i get attracted to it, almost mesmerised.

it's the best distro logo.

i know the distro's utter sharn. not at all what i want.

but that logo still gets me.



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long time no blerg


has it been that long?

been a rough year.

and some chinese horoscope thing graphed my health luck as really high for 2016, and a horrible plummet for 2017. i hope they're utterly wrong.

ailments really got in the way of my geeking.

anyhoo... this isnt dob, this is dnb.


geekings updates:


much progress and subsequent procrastination on my custom keyboard plans when progress lead to too much elaborate fancy...

... and also...

I have a 3d printer now... havnt even taken it outta the box it arrived in yet though, thanks to messy bedroom procrastination (in part because of ailments hindering me).

there's hemp fillaments for 3d printers too!!

so my keyboard will be made from hemp! woohoo!

if i ever manage to get that project as far as construction.

it's been getting designed in blender, and the project can be followed at this thread over at geekhack:


so... that's the progress update for dak dealt with.

erm... what else...

oh... Elite:Dangerous. i used to mention it quite a bit, spent quite a small fortune on equip for it (did i mention anywhere in my previous blog posts that i have an avegant glyph? ... i have an avegant glyph. ... it doesnt really get used, and wont likely until i get Elite:Dangerous...) but I'm increasingly unlikely to see that game, as there seems increased reluctance for a Linux version... despite that being dangled infront of us in the kickstarter, n the only reason i spent all the money i had at the time on supporting it. well fuk u braben very much.

I've been having ample elite satiation via pioneer space sim. a lonely space exploration/trading game. it's luuurvly. fully foss. sorta like a cross between elite2 (f) and 3 (ffe).

ok, so it's not a real spaceship, like we all could, and should have, and would, if not for the crypto fascist bs keeping us all pinned to earth, under pretence that the iss n the various petty probes we send out to the planets are the pinnacle of our spacey potential so far. pah. gimmie my zero-inertia propulsion vtol submarine car ffs. spaceships for everyone. lets end this manufactured scarcity guff n cease harming the planet to maintain that pretence already.

we could be 3d printing our own spaceships. we could each have our own 3d printer onboard that can print another 3d printer enabled spaceship for anyone else we encounter, who could then go on to do the same for anyone they encounter. matter energy conversion fancy stuffs on top of zero point tech... ... all that with foss n fosh... or will we at that point cease needing such a distinction, and rms's arguments against the term free hardware (in its kinship to free software) be no longer relevant, n we'll be talking free technology then. free speech. free technology. freedom of movement. freedom of technology. that's all viable ... or are the greys stopping us clumsy apes from running wild with it... much as we tend not to let dogs drive cars. ? :3

ok ok, back to earth... what else in this update...

I'm on devuan these days.

(oh look! at last, mention of nix stuff... the bloody point of this blog. lol. i suppose i just had a lot of rant i needed to get out.)

so... this devuan's likely to get bedrock hijacked come the new release, which i expect early in the new year (or maybe even sooner... paradigm's off work for the seasons geekings now... so, bedrock development is happening now.)

It's been a while, so i forget what the new features are to be... was it easier install n brg? yeah. brg. bedrock get. easier distro strata acquisitions. twill make playing n testing more expedient. should help get it more robust n towards dropping "beta" from its releases.

without-systemd.org's much loved by me. even started contributing to it earlier today. hehe, added bedrock to it.

and being such a systemdsans kind of nix user, any distro i choose to hijack, or add as a strata, wont have systemd.

that simplifies the choice quite considerably.

past few days i've been meaning to get a dragora install on the go somewhere somehow. considering a qemu vm for it.

it hasnt happened yet.

been too feeble.

also... i kinda still should be in my dont-over-do-the-geeking-and-focus-on-your-health mode. that's why i'm on devuan this year. to keep it simple.

that itch is growing in intensity though. many curiosities n desires to get geeking.

i started using open of~ libre office.

got a spreadsheet for my ailments and food/nutes/poisons. it's proving quite useful for helping me keep track of the stuff that helps n stuff tha harms, various ailments. an ongoing work in progress that i may publish once it's better padded out, n less gaps. likely will have it show up in dob.

ok, i suppose that will do for now... i should go n try defeat this utter crunt of a headache, rather than struggle on updating dnb just because i've not posted in months n months.

there's more to say, but i'll say it next time.

ps, note to self... remind yourself how to do links with nanoblogger properly. is it just htmlness? yep it is, if this works

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so i suppose i should make a blog post rather than spewing all my bilge in irc. ^_^

i have been making pretty things in ascii for bedrock. ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ░▒▓█░░░░░░░█ ░▒▓█░░░░░░░█ ░▒▓█░░░░░░░█ ░▒▓█░░░░░░░█▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ░▒▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█ ░▒▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█ ░▒▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█ ░▒▓█░░░░░░░████░░░░█ ░▒▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█ ░▒▓█░░░░░░░░░░░░█ ░▒▓█░░░░░░░░░░█ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

i have been combating ailments.

i have been making my new triple monitor xmonad config https://notabug.org/Digit/dribble

i have hijacked my funtoo with bedrock. ... oh that's right... i suppose i should have started with this. THE NEW BEDROCK IS OUT! got its official release stamp of aproval. bedrock nyla is here!

i hijacked last night. im still being a timid wimp. havnt rebooted. scared. things are nice right now. ^_^ ... what if things arent nice after i reboot? ^_^ it's quite probable that things here n there got a little janked by the process. still beta.

i have been going for walks... got a pedometer with proprietary software n crap... wanna get mine foss'd.

i have been further procrastinating and delaying playing elite:dangerous... mainly because it means "windows". basically converting this workstation of infinite promise, into a gamestation of one purpose.

i have been cooking.

i have been putting my big tiny font collection into a repository, past all my pleepin with lame reasons not to. https://notabug.org/Digit/dbtfc

i have been falling in love.

i have been exploring more possibilities of transfering /some/ clfswm-like behaviour to xmonad.

i have been watching more aubrey de grey and tedmed talks.

i had gotten lost in clicking next through the past year+ of commitstrip. laughter is healing, but that got addictive, n that cant be healthy.

i have been enjoying the geek comunity. :) esp #freepost on freenode

i have been getting back into trance more. mpv http://somafm.com/thetrip.pls

i have been bouncing off the walls with excitement for bedrock.

i have been driven mad that we're not all in flying cars already, or working towards it.

i have gotten into poetry (again) and even haikus (a first for me).

i see mars, i see stars, i see distant flying cars.

that wasnt a haiku.

that was a little ditty i had scrawled besides a rough design for a wearable bi-telescope helmet thing.

i have been continuing to make new fonts.

i have been doing house designy type things here n there when i can let it be non-stressy.

i have been imparting upon others the value of hemp, n using it wherever i can. i now can dress myself from head to toe in hemp... only just tho... indoor clothing only so far.

i have been enjoying the kinesis advantage. might make some macros to help make emacs smoother.

i have still been thinking about what i'd do to make my own keyboard, and/or addapt the kinesis... i'd add nav-nips to both sides anyways, thats for sure.

i have been pondering making a libreware 10 quid laptop from parts (seen those baby pi now?!) :O

i have been watching limitless, scorpion, elementary, the big bang theory, and the expanse.

but mostly its just the ailments. ^_^

im probably just writing all this to further procrastinate, not rebooting into my hijacked funtoo, now bedrock.

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another lost luminary

jay daniels, how do you feel now?

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order salad from emacs

i want this in my area


my health would vastly improve.

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importance of kiss

with kiss, there's practical real world valid potential to the concept of "more eyes, shallower bugs. sufficient eyes, all bugs shallow."

with increased complexity, there becomes a serial multitude and plethora of disencentivisations discouraging eyes to look upon the code, to understand the code, to see the bugs.

not a call to popularity. one can increase complexity to beyond potential for ANY number of eyes to have any chance of shallowing bugs, let alone making ALL bugs shallow.

tis the concept that most alured me to the foss side of the force. ;)

many eyes.

when something grows to such complexity that no new eye dare look, ~or even to diminish the number of eyes is still too high a price.

i am very keen on the idea that /everyone/ could and likely would look at the code they are running.

this is absurd and far out of reach for us. either the code gets less, or we vastly accelerate our coding capabilities beyond our current biology, and beyond even some of our wildest sci-fi notions.

looks like the code need be kept simple then. in reach.

to let it slip, is to creep in an insidious flaw in free software, to let in malicious features. taking away the 4 essential freedoms isnt the only malisciousness that can be perpetrated upon mass.

all the horrors that spill forth in the dark of proprietary closed-source freedom-restricting "over-a-barrel"-licensed software, the spywares, the malwares, all those nuissance sequestrations of your ram n cpu n hd space to send you subliminals, open your cameras up to perverts or unlawful governments, or steal your bank details or passwords or whatever else, all of that crap, can be slipped in, once no one but the cabal are looking close enough.

have i scared you into learning some code? i hope so. best way to learn, i hear, is to read a lot of code.

have i endeared you to the importance of kiss?

if not, i hope i can.

kiss isnt just a benefit for being a way to prevent something unpleasant (understatement). keeping code simple, keeps it human maleable. on the fly coding can become meaningful. even blur the lines between what's configuration and what's editing code. as use. such that use is development.

and yes, you might say that would lead to bloat. but would it? you might say, yes, it has. free software might be said to be that, in the examples seen, through GNU particularly.

but look at stali. it's quite gnu (despite profestations of being non-gnu, it's still gnu in so far as *it's not unix. so at least nu. ^_^ point being it's small, closer to the human maleable, to give example that free software is not an inevitable trudge to bloat... indeed look at the comparison, proprietary, and how much it bloats. the ratio is amusing. but then, there's bloat and there's bloat... but lets not get into that... or lets...

emacs. emacs is an example of software that retains its attempt at keeping it human maleable such that there's a blurred distinction between coding and configuring. indeed it's jested, not undeservedly, that emacs is a whole operating system, given the bredth of its capabilities. so that bredth makes it perhaps seem /big/. might say bloated. might claim it's all functional n purpusful bloat. but since use and configuration are closely entwined (and configuration and coding being a somewhat blurred distinction), there is at least a path that retains a fluid connection for users to utilise their eyes, keeping all bugs shallow.

special cases you might say then... or, for sake of exploring the potential...

imagine your whole operating system could be read in ... minutes. with photoreading, at a glance.

how shallow then are your bugs?

you might think, but then it'd be capable of nothing.

you'd be surprised, how concise some coding languages can be, how much some coding concepts can leverage and amplify how curt and concise the code can be, how much some clever fractal savvy can do, and how many other things there may be for us to encounter and/or develop.

so imagine you have all the capabilities you need, and more, from a screenfull of code. how shallow then are your bugs?

and actually seeing the real code of it too... i know this might seem like a silly idea if u thought i just meant seeing a pageful of the aliases to much larger pieces of code elsewhere. no. i mean all the code in its entirety.

heck idk, does it even need to be binary? how long before we speak dna inspired code/language?

i could have stopped this blog post at any number of punch points, like a straight-arm microphone-drop moment, like pressing the emphasis button on it... but instead i've got off on a wild sci-fi tangent n ruined my chance to be up on the podium with some title like president or guru. good. ;p


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gnu or snow

gnu/linux or snow/linux?

gnu="gnu's not unix"

snow="systemd's not obviously windows"

... i choose gnu/linux.


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soon soon soon

i'm still caught in that moment of child-the-day-before-christmas*

*or whatever similar religious festival hijacked by commercial urge to sell toys and toxic confectionary to children. ^_^

soon. bedrock. soon. eeeee. *bounces off walls with excitement*


saw this now too: https://github.com/sabotage-linux/sabotage/blob/master/COOKBOOK.md thnx tax. will need to put in witchcraft.

also wanna try some sabotagelinux magics in my bedrock too.

... i'm still straining to come to terms with the new adjustments in bedrock conception coming up for nyla. like, uhh... ~_~ iunno.. no core anymore... that's gonna be a mind bender with hijack installs until i see it in action. :)

there's been a lot of (in style of quatto) "empty your mind, empty your mind, empty your mind"* to get rid of past conception of bedrock, n make way for new, so i dont keep tripping up over old notions no longer relevant, n stick to learning it as new.

* yes, i know quatto said open your mind to quade (and no i dont know the correct spellings of their names), not empty, but empty is what i'm saying in that style of quatto. ;p

i might make a multi-fallback. y'know, like, "6 is breached! fall back to position 5" hehe. the fallback strata will be nice, n doubtless used often by me when i go meddling. though i'd like to think i could keep things straight enough that if i made my own minimal systems i could get into them to use as my custom cushy fallback.

y'know... insta heats rather than meal bars. ;)

something just a little more pleasing than the ultra make-do. but still... simple, minimal, basics&essentials-complete, buuuut, just, y'know... um... give it dvtm n such. ;) so it's not just busybox.

heck, maybe one of the "fallbacks" could be just good ol systemrescuecd! :D ever ready there for when shit fucks up, as it alegedly invariably inevitably does, as coroborated by all but the most recent past experience, and it's still inconclusive as to whether or not this recent no-shit-fucked-up will continue for eternity

idk wat else to add ~ i add, returning to this still sat here on another desktop, dormant after hours have passed.



i have reinstated my great wall of backenter. a small piece of thin card placed between return and backspace. who ever thought that was a good design... make those two keys next to each other. ... oh what horrendous consequences in irc. :> it sticks up about a milimeter above the keys, hopefully just enough to prevent that happening again. i have even written "the great wall of backenter" upon it... should some day i forget why it is there. ... maybe some day this will be popularised among those who's keyboard designs are likewise so with neighbouring backspace and enter. ... and they'll eventually abreviate it to gwob, and people will ask each other if their keyboards are gwobbed. "hey, jonny, is your keyboard gwobbed?" "mine came pre-gwobbed with a built in factory gwob. do you have a gwob?" "i dont need a gwob, i have a row of keys between my enter and backspace".


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pre-bedrock sit-rep

just gonna jot down a quick sit-rep in the days before this next bedrock could be ariving.

last sun, we got a clearer picture of how soon we /might/ expect the next bedrock release. could be as early as this coming weeken (tho more likely end of the month, or later ~ i'm guessing).

so... my boxes:

big rig: planned for e:d (now aka "brabenspace")... so not really in this. 2nd 3008wfp monitor enroute (after delay), ordering 3rd soon. however, it may likely still get bedrocked (still has alpha4 available). ... if, after the x60t and one of the rpi are bedrocked, this box's void might get hijacked. ;)

x60t: a partitioned space was made for bedrock nyla the moment it gots it new hd, long ago at the start of the year. oh yes, no mistaking it. it ready to go. it has been ready to do this, for a hefty duration.

r-pi 1: hooked up, ran paradigm's earlier test fetch n build script on its raspbian. conveniently just a switch to hdmi, n i'm on the pi when sat at my big rig. i have a high-speed (16 arbritraries!) card i might use for a clean bedrock install from the ground up. will be fun.

r-pi 2: small card (+adapter) enroute. hopefully arives in time for the show.

netbook: yup. shall bedrock even it. will be nice to have 32bit bedrock. :)

testbox: meh, no point bedrocking it rly.

other old boxen: nahhhh. not gonna get silly trying to bedrock any ancientware.

so, unless brabenspace announces that i can land on earth, that'll be all my main boxes going from void (or freeslack (netbook)) to bedrock. void (and the trisquel and nixos before it) were only ever intended as "an exploration", a gainful filler until this bedrock release.

what am i putting /in/ those bedrocks?

hrmm. void, slack & gentoo, looks the way of it these days. for the basic solid main players at least. i'm likely to be avoiding distros that have caught the systemd infection.

soon.... it's coming... soon.

(ah good, that was better than filling irc ( #bedrock on irc.freenode.net or other chans ) with my yammering about it)

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milliion years hypercube

lol. just noticed in my last entry... i think i was using strata as if it were the singular. what, so now i'm mildly dyspraxic as well as dyslexic? ^_^

all the better for creative thinking, my dear.

so, i (hope i) am coming out of a bout of unpleasantry... suffice to say, 30 somethings rrrrly cant eat almost nothing but litres of icecream in a day, n then go out n do intensive manual labour after months of lethargy.... nearing 2 months later.. n things are for the first time, looking up.

so, i can get back to funtime geeking (i hope), yaaaay!. *touches some wood... no idea why that's a relevant thing to do though, but does it anyway, just to help facilitate a mental leaning towards the desired outcome in hope of some quantum entanglement influence*

obligitory wtf u doing now: sat in a 4pane tmux, typing this in emacs from nanoblogger in my ssh'd sesh to my kimsufi box in the bottom left, above it, my local emacs with erc for irc doing most of the action, and the right two panes are lynx and elinks in a battle to determine which becomes my fave (available (since voidlinux dont haz links browser in repo)) tty-friendly browser. ¬ all on my big main box, that's sortta getting a last hurrah in its current state... tho to be honest, that's not really why i sat down at it... will the ailments it was getting too uncomfortable to sit at the x60t. ... its upcoming statechange is twofold. the first, the parts are here already, and i've just been lagging in getting them installed on account of A) the illness, B) it a fangled involved process just to get the box detatched n out to somewhere it can be worked on, to say nothing of then getting it back in there... C) n it not essential, n D) i just meh E) i kinda knew the next augments were in the pipeline, n better just the one disruptive adventure moving heavy components around n crawling into difficult places to meddle with wire spaghetti... so, what specifically? 3 sticks of 8gb to max out the mobo with the sweetspot fastest ram she can handle. n the next? a flippin woppin humungous 30inch 2560 x 1200 monitor! ... n it's just to test if i can put up with the 8ms refresh on it (ooooh but the 3000:1 gonna look so much more pimp than a mere 1000:1), so as long as it doesnt overtly problematic (without trying too hard to see a problem), then two more will be bought too, n my monitors will finally be of this millenium. ^_^

so, thats wtf im doing now, n the context of what's next too. ^_^ still voidlinux on my two main machines, the test rig, but freeslack on the 32bit netbook, n when some gemini minded genius inocently amidst an exploration of source based distros, pointed out the 32bit-only-ness of gobo linux... n so, that's likely to happen there once i get my big n FAST sd card for it n suss how to get that sd card to play nice with the multiboot. had only a little experience, n all of it troublesome n problematic with those lil pseudo drives.

erm, right.. there's loadsa thoughts n distractions... kinda got mania on the go wanting to burst out n carry on with life after been so incumbered with ailments over the past couple months. erm, erm... maybe it was something about bedrock i wanted to ramble on about. ... no, no, i do that all the time. something else.. ^_^ meh, gone now... or maybe i covered it n had less to say about it than i thought, or maybe i forgot to say the more about it, idk. ^_^ if this blog post is down to this level of ramble i suppose i better wrap it up....

so... i'm a 30 something now, as proven by the great icecream lawnmower debackle of 2015. but i'm still the 4 year old. ~and i'm still the 7 year old. ~and maybe still the 14 year old a bit too. ~and the 17, and the 19. and definately the 25... with the help of a coctail of numerous substances i wont mention here (i'll save that story for another blog) and a summer solstice (and a beach n a campfire ~ if they helped too), i became a million years old omnidirectionally, even hyperdirectionally. ... which is as nice a thought as it is... immense. almost daunting if it werent so empowering at the same time... though, empowering in a responsibility sense. no, i dont expect that will really mean much to hardly anyone, but it's put out there all the same*.

*fingers rly wanted to type time there instead at first, n then as i fought them to type same, they were still going for time initially, n then for space. )_) curious quirk just on what i thought was to be the final word.

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someone (not just someone, but xeirrr!) just pm'd me that my blog's useful. O_O

spose i should make another post.

short one though. arm is in a sling.

myt as well paste my pm reply to the enquiry... it's about as much as i update regularly anyway.

the questions were: Which distro and Window manager do you normally use? Which font?

currently am using void linux on most local machines, planning to go back to bedrock linux once the next version comes out. still a gentoo fanboy enough to keep it running on my server. xmonad, specifically my configuration which i call "tabular boonad". font... i make my own, n use them exclussively. http://ks392457.kimsufi.com/stuff/fonts/?C=M;O=D wastage, pcf and tydls feature prominently over the past few days.

i actually only got back to xmonad yesterday (or was it day before maybe), it not being directly available in void linux's repo. had been using spectrwm for all this time with void. spectrwm's still my wm of choice to put on a live compact system with tiling ootb ("rowan"'s deskfig), and as nice as its default featureset is, even above vanilla ootb xmonad's for the most part, eventually it does wear out, n i seek things it cannot do. so it was back to xmonad i had to go... n i prefer to stick to the repo no matter what distro i'm on, so i had let many weeks go by, dismissing a fellow void user's reccomendation to get it through cabal (and also because have had bad cabal experiences in the past)... but yeah, eventually it came to that point i nnnnnnnneeeded xmonad and tabular boonad and my scratchpads back... so cabal it was. and y'know what? it was fine. idk if that's all more praise to void linux, just good timing, or if because that's how it normally is with cabal, n all past times i had only ever seen it when there was likely to be something wrong anyway. heh.

so it is all good.

xmonad via cabal in void linux is full of sufficient just works charm n relative effortlessness... relative to cabal expectations that is.

this further adds to the joy of it.

void seems likely to be my main quick-grab binary distro in bedrock... might even try hijack it. then doubtless i'll eventually end up with an AUR strata, maybe a deb/ubu repo-fest strata too. gentoo and exherbo will be there too. as will nixos and guix sd. much respect to the ~\/~ of course it will be there.

yep, so even though i've not been running bedrock for months, it's still foremost on my mind, and i still see myself as a bedrock user, n a big ol fanboi of bedrock linux.

How about vsido?

it's still there on my main rig's multiboot, preserved, precious. still at least half the partitions on my test rig are vsido too.

when i set up a sid strata in bedrock, a lot of the apt configuration i take from vsido.

iirc, i paypalled a little support vsido n bedrock's way, just a little before i got into void, iirc. might do that again in a few weeks/months. including guix (/ guix sd) and void this time too.

xeirrr informed me vsido, upon dist-upgrade, wants rid of systemd n sysvinit back these days. :) excellent. at time of writing idk if that's vastone's efforts, or if the upstream have relaxed their capitulation to coersion into the systemd debackle. whatever, it's very welcome. :) awesome to hear it's in that state of itching to remove systemd. very good news to me. in a sense, i only got into void because it lacked systemd which vsido was still coerced into having from debian upstream.


runit is nice.

but indeed, the wealth that is debian... many of us still do have an eye out for the systemdless path with debian. from iso until eternity. some of us rrrreally dont like the thought of ever having a systemd infestation, (or ANY kind of lennartware infestation, we've come to learn), from our own innocense, just having it hoisted upon us one day... ugh no. it's abhorrend. one wonders wtf the debian steering cabal capitulates were thinking to ever have made such a move.

aaaanyway.... i try not think about that.

no systemd here.

glad there's continued rays of hope from sidside. voidside, gentooville, and the town of bedrock, these places impose no such systemdickery. ;) safe.

though bedrock doesnt prevent you having it either. er, tho nor does gentoo... but anyone using gentoo will know how to set a couple useflags in their make.conf n they'll never need be bothered by it if they dont want, so it's still a non-issue in gentoo the land of choice. and as much as that's still valid to call gentoo the land of choice, n choice is still what gentoo's all about... it's kinda laughably supersceded by the transplendent transcendent paradigm redefigning bedrock linux.

ok, sorry if that was overly gushing. but bedrock really does take the level of choice offered to the next level. lot of oomf to the choice. like all the choice offered by pick-a-distro---any-distro multiplied by pick-as-many-more-distros-as-you-like-any-distros.

heeh heeeeeeey.

but yeah... soon... next version.


i'm kinda all still just floundering in slack water, flopping around exploring while i wait for the next bedrock. void's been an unexpected treat. far more possitive result than from my nixos exploration.

i'm kinda tempted to go see solusos again, n give it a bit of a live-in try before bedrock's next release. i had tried it only for a few days in the past. i think maybe at least a fortnight n i might get to grips with the stuff that matters, n would make it a more effortless inclusion in bedrock thereafter. ;) because it is indy. i wanna see what they're up to. :) them and two or three others too... though i doubt i'll find meaningful time for them before bedrock's release.

anyhoo, i'll stop before i mak my arm worse...

good news to hear there's hope for vsido systemdlessness on the horizon. while it may look like i'm being distroholic, or dsitro-slutty, it's all still in a larger framework of focussed intent n explorations, all towards the bedrock path.

anyhoo... nothing much to report rly... just still edge of seat watching the foss scene n moment in history.

soon and now... ;)

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enter the void

oh my.

it's like crux or arch or slack or bsd or dragora or... or... something nice like that.

it's portsy.

it's minimally n nice. clean.

it's .... ok, i wont say too much, i'm wearing rose tinted glasses of the honeymoon.

but i really like it.

it might be staying around.

after it was installed on the testbox for a day, it got installed on my daily driver laptop.



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about a distro...

i'd like to take a moment to blab on about one particular distribution of GNU|Linux

but what kind of distro?

one that's got a lightweight desktop kitted out with all the essentials conveniently and beautifully pre-configured, easy to use, easy to install, fast to install... basically, the ideal "ootb distro" ("out of the box" "distribution"), to get you up n running with the least fuss, quick as possible, and with something worthy of keeping as your main os.

all the more sweet, rolling release, so there's never any big upgrade bumps every year or however often. and the newest toys.

a friendly small community of experienced users to boot!

but hey, how many software packages are available? well here's the good news. this distro is debian based, so there's tens of thousands, easy the rival of any.

debian? rolling? so the knowledgeable reader will have discerned it's using sid repo. correct. but not only. also experimental. experimental!!?!??!!! yup. it handles it very well. there are sufficient safeguards in place. so it really does let you get the new shiny.

and speaking of the shiny, i mentioned it was lightweight... but not too lightweight that it doesnt have the plushness. fluxbox + some light compositing and some pragmatic, elegant, slightly mechanical/masculine/utilitarian/sci-fi-ish theming, lends to a balanced "just right" air of seriousness. there's a bit of a youthful vibe to it too, as well as a mature vibe.

basically, the theming/styling with the backdrop of the app selection, and other nuances of implementation give a sence of confidence in the competence of its construction, whilst still affording a sence of freedom, as if you'd made a machine of gold as light as a feather.

yup, this distro is a bit of a "the philosopher's stone of distros".

there are many purposes, niches, use-cases for distros. i find myself fond of many distros for different reasons. for example, i like exherbo for its whole package management system and methodology; i like bedrock for enabling cabaility of all/any distros in one, and it's capacity to unite without interference or need of mergers or coerced debendancy battles in the war of 927 [xkcd reference]; i like slackware for it's indefatigable steadfast resistance to popular-magpie-ism, and keeping availed a many paths slack approach that affords the user more opportunity/exposure to learning, and less immediate plastic-wrap from start to grave; i like gentoo for many gentoo fanboi reasons too numerous to list here; i like systemrescuecd for being that one go-to salvation when the crap hits the fan (or when wanting to install something, prep a drive, or numerous other things); i like slitaz for being so tiny and yet so pleasantly complete and simple an experience; i like h~ ok, that could go on and on.

the point being, the many different reasons, and there being no "one" "the" "best" distro.

but for specific use cases, there can be.

like for the best ootb. (accepting individual variation)

it's probably time i just said the name of this illustrious distro, right?

well i wont say the name. i'll just make this link.

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just another update

this year thus far i have been mostly...

geeking around in various places n things.

gonna be getting back to gentoo. my main two machines are still in a bit of disarray after a couple hd failures (oh i so hope i can still salvage my documentaries and lectures i've been collecting since 2003). vsido doing the main business of trying to restore my cinema drive after it started dying and a botched fsck (instead of fsck.ext3) was done. the bedrock alpha4 on that machine likely to be supplanted by a fresh bedrock come the summer, if nyla gets released on schedule.

the laptop here has nixos in a pendrive that im currently using, and had only planned to use for a fortnight or a month or whatever until nyla came out but thats been delayed, and am now considering getting it moved on to guix, which was the real plan anyway... to see nixos, which was long admired only from afar, before i took a stab at this new freedom-approved variation on the same theme with emacsianesq lispness throughout, to further facilitate practical emancipation and empowerment of users. have got vsido on another pendrive in it too, which of course was my first reflex go-to distro to get back up n on the go when the ssd died. have got a new 1tb in the mail for use with this laptop now, having discovered that even if that ssd isnt dead, it's likely to belly up in the x60t again later, as that seems to be a thing, where ssd in x60 need reinitialising in another computer before they work again in the x60. meh, not willing to face that on a potentially repeating feature. so, back to a slow drive it is... but this time bigger. i may end up using it just as storage and keep using pendrives for the os. ... i like this notion on several levels and indeed ran this laptop in such a way for years in the past. ... including that long-time misplaced corsair survivor gt pendrive that i had crunchbang (squishboom) on and started witch(linux) from, as well as the thought-to-be-lost original lunacat.hs irc info bot. i miss gentoo (tho my server in france is still gentoo), and i miss exherbo. all the nice features of nix package manager in nixos are nice, but, not rly anything of such significance to compete with the niceness of gentoo... though... i have become more scared and reluctant to upgrade my gentoo since experiencing the roll-back capability of nixos. ... i've mentioned a couple times the notion of useflag capability being introduced to the source build system side of guix, to which the basic jist of the answers gleamed from both irc responces and the discussion others raised in mailing list was that it's possible, but would cause too much a workload in verifiability of builds, at least for now. ... idk, maybe this can be reinvestigated with an emphasis on default useflags used for binaries and then leae the useflag source fanboys to have their useflag ways without needing to obligate all possible variations be built as binaries. seems sensible to me... at least, a lot more sensible (and presumably a smaller workload for package maintainers) than having package maintainers decide which packages to split on a case by case basis when problems arise. certainly a lot better for users too. ... its funny because the infrastructure of guix packagind seems already so close to accomodating a useflag-alike system already... i mean, from my limited understanding having seen several packages and how they're layed out. it's all quite lispian, but seems to me like it's LESS than a stone's throw away, and it's only the (seemingly silly) notion that all possible variations need be built (and the resulting workload/cost of reproduceability/verifiability) that holds this idea back. but still, it's early days, and as i say, it seems to be so well structured that this could much more easily be a feature added later than could be in other binary package management systems.

wooh. ok, so that's my ramble about my main two local rigs (b)logged.

i probably didnt have the new addition last time i blogged. i have a new netbook! my first netbook. ... and oh my golly does it help me appreciate my x60t and what glorious hardware it is. this netbook has reframed my expectations and standards, to see that not all are of such high quality as the x60t. the colour correct viewing angle of this x60t is basically 180 degrees pretty much, only minor barely perceptible deviations on the vertical angle, and then only when it's in a dark room. the acer netbook on the other hand... basically there is a NEGATIVE viewing angle range for colour correctness... meaning no matter where i possition my head, there's going to be colour changes from one side of the screen to the other. it's so absurdly laughable. but i still love the little tyke. it came with mint on its internal hd. i've wiped that. midway through putting gentoo on it, though seemed to hit snags regarding getting it to properly acknowledge the sd card on boot, so have since tried using a pendrive there too... sorta mid-way through that process. it's been slow going, what with it being ultra weak performance, and me wandering off to do other things n neglecting it for over 10 times longer than each step in the process takes (even at its slow rate)... but it will happen. ^_^ i like the idea of gentoo on it, despite the painful compile times, because i know when it's running it will be that much more optimised and faster. ... heck, might even try o3... hehe, nah. better play it safe. i want stability as well as speed. ;) if anything, it's just great to keep sharpening my knowledge n skills with gentoo, increasing my familiarity with gentoo and gnu|linux in general... not to mention of course, that gentoo are all about choice, and there it's far easier to avoid systemdick.

... hehe, systemdick... on the back of a joke suggestion, i started a github for systemv(agina) a wrapper for systemd, in similar style to rspm... doubtless will get it sorted to wrap more than just systemd, and will create a unified scripteable interface for basic initialisation and system management just like rspm aims to be. ... laughably absurd for 99% of gnu|linux users as-is, but with the witch notion of any distro-base accomodating consistent user-defined desktop environments ("deskfigs") and other witchcraft capabilities, this starts actually making sense... and idk what i find more amusing about it, that it is a joke, that it isnt announced as a joke, or that it can actually become useful. lol

so anyways... thats my main three machines. yep... the netbook has somehow snuggled itself into being main machine number 3. the testbox here relegated to number 4 i suppose. it still has two (or is it three now) vsido installs on it, the latest being a test for the new installer, which while taking about a minute longer than the previous method is still pimpalisciously fast n pleasantly simple n noob friendly. ... any noobs scared by a distro that is sid and experimental repo debian need not be so scared. it is cushy. for all my high n wild n grand ideas of understandibly more intimidating distros like gentoo and exherbo, and bedrock, vsido is still my go-to. where i can spend 3 days on a gentoo install and still have weeks of finding more things to tweak n config n set up right, vsido is more like 3 minutes, and there's only need to install xmonad, drop in my config, and set up firefox how i like, n it's golden, anything after that is trivial to get how i like. eeeeeexpedient. awesome distro. (thnx VastOne).

erm, in other geekery news (heh, "news"... like this isnt just a "me me me" narcisist ramble... heh, spose there's gotta be some outlet for the bilge of egoic delusion, lol, n thats what likely 90% of blogs are)... just started giving dwb a try out more properly. uzbl is doubtless still a big love of mine, but i am just stuck in procrastination on getting it how i like. ... dwb may prove a simpler affair. i expect i will hit a ceiling on it at some point though.

okies, loads more to ramble about, but i gotta eat.

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Digit's 10 VR roundup

the following comes as pasted from the slap-dash summation of the virtual reality headsets that are soon to be available, given what little info i have thus far. i have set myself some simple criteria to help quickly eliminate some with deal-breaker features. dont expect thorough, nor for your criteria to be same as mine.

* vrs ** in *** CMOAR um... it has two modes. *** trueplayergear / vrana totem vr onboard gfx power king. *** infiniteeye 210 degrees horizontal view, lots vert too presumably. immersivity king. *** avegant glyph style king. comfort king. ~ duration king. audio king. *** ANTVR gamepad king ** out *** facebook rift uncomfortable/painful to wear backers are the main mass individual surveilance machination of in-q-tel, cia, iao, darpa, etc fucking no way am i having or supporting the fscistbook's mind-reading face-hugger. *** vrase phone *** gameface phone

*** altergaze phone *** sulon cortex phone ~:pity, it looks cool, nice direction oof arc of headrest, nice sleak bot like design.:~ i'm watching your room! and sensing it! *** fove i'm watching you! * criteria ** reasons out has a mobile phone held up to your face requires a mobile phone in any shape or form is backed by a rogue epic-cunts organisation is direct from anti-freedom cunts ~~and associated crooks n spooks ** resons in not out ** double plus points foss friendly * faves, descending. ** avegant glyph despite taking a beating over its viewing angle, it still wins on so many other points, several of which alone keep it shining brightest. points such as it having been designed from the ground up for long duration comfort, for the military. ok, i know, that might not sound the best... "military", and "comfort"... but what i mean is, you can wear it from morning to night without eyestrain, or strain anywhere else, and be able to get up n do the same the next day. ... see... i do plan on playing elite a lot... and the way i work it out.... that 45 degrees, that's ballpark what i see looking at my laptop monitor right now... and ok, that's a different kind of comparison... but... ok, idk, am i sugar coating it by trying to see this as having the same size screen, *ahem* same size viewing portal into the world, but able to move it around ( comfortably ). it really does still seem like the only achilles heal to the avegant glyph though ( so long as their claims about the sharpness of image hold water ), and when you hear of 210 degrees (~infiniteye's), compared to 45... it does sound a lot... but then... freznal lense doesnt sound like it's going to deliver a perfect pristine image, compared to these military grade retina projector things. ** infiniteye 210 degrees man... that's ... that's more than i think i can actually see... meaning, there are no blinkers keeping you looking ahead, you're aware of your surroundings. that's hard to beat. ok, it kinda looks big n bulky... but... 210 degrees man! ** ** CMOAR/TOTEM/ANTVR i just dont know enough about these three to really pick them appart... but perhaps some more investigation will reveal features that put them in with a chance of challenging my two current fore-runners, the avegant glyph and the infiniteeye.

ps. see, warned u not to xpct mukl. ;p

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