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first, do you still use microsoft windows? ...and what about steam?

second, try listen to sonita

third (and i'll likely only leave this here briefly (at least in this form): busybox drop fascistemdont support.
"systemd people are not willing to play nice with the rest of the world.
Therefore there is no reason for the rest of the world to cooperate with them."

fourth pre-note, some grounded reasons you might want to boycott amazon
though there are many more reasons i have that prevent me from considering use of amazon as plausible.
and some, while may seem funny and absurd at first, are actually serious:
Amazon as a component of SkyNet / Big Brother / Mad Max able to eliminate Humans / dissadents / competition

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- this is Digit's icon.  he thought of it flying over the atlantic in 2000
what else would i do with my time but help others along their journey.

"Money was malisciously introduced in ancient times, as a tool of enslavement, the absolute tool of enslavement, and we're feeling the worst brunt of it right now." - Michael Telinger

specialization leads to its extinction. We are so specialized that one man discovers empirically how to release the energy of the atom, while another, unbeknownst to him, is ordered by his political factotum to make an atomic bomb by use of the secretly and anonymously published data. That gives much expedient employment, which solves the politician's momentary problem, but requires that the politicians keep on preparing for further warring with other political states to keep their respective peoples employed. It is also mistakenly assumed that employment is the only means by which humans can earn the right to live, for politicians have yet to discover how much wealth is available for distribution. All this is rationalized on the now scientifically discredited premise that there can never be enough life support for all. Thus humanity's specialization leads only toward warring and such devastating tools, both, visible and invisible, as ultimately to destroy all Earthians. - Buckminster Fuller, synergetics

"We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an Act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity...Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do." - Ben Rich (former director @ lockheed's skunk works), 1993, Speech at UCLA


welcome (probably) to my other site where you will find stuff and things. further plans for this space: seeks, other things and more stuff.
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Digit's GNU Blog is down.
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no RLY! Digit's nix Blog IS still happening.
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The Fable Of The Dragon Tyrant



now also hosting some vsido GNU|Linux Distro iso ready for you to burn. download some old VSIDO iso here.
or download via the torrent, or via the sourceforge for the latest. link available on vsido.org.

now also hosting a page providing soffmi muhod info, inc. live events

not yet got seeks up n running.

if you want to contact me, email has no chance of getting my attention, best way is either via:

nickping "Digit" in the open channel #witchlinux on the irc network irc.freenode.net
~ do not nickping without saying the pertinent content on the same line. no spam, no flood.
~ Digit is my nick (has been since mid 1990s), dont wear it out. important or interesting only.
~ if not present, if you have something important or interesting, feel free to use memoserv.
~ if you have prior agreement, feel free to PM until notified this is not welcome.
from within diaspora's internal mechanism, mail or (less likely to get my attention) @mention,
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Consent of the Governed: The Freeman Movement Defined
Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception
The Magnificent Deception
its an illusion
In Debt? Are you absolutely sure??
more freeman vidi
freeman nala makes complaint to police
scottish sovereign reports fraud
assertive freeman in jobcenter gets police on side
police ask "are you a freeman on the land"
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freedom school's Commercial Affidavit of Truth
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build your own solar generator for not much $
build your own verticle axis wind turbine
"is that the court's intent to aid and abet me in committing fraud by using a crown owned and registered name?"

"are you under oath in a common law jurasdiction?"

"i do not consent. i do not understand."

"failure to distinguish between legal and lawful in your profession is gross negligence, which is equivalent to fraud."

contract for travel interuption by police.

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